Photo Credit: Splash News

Jaclyn Smith looks incredibly young as she walks in New York with her hairdresser Lorenzo. She expressed concern for Farrah to the photographer. There seems to be a “Charlie’s Angels” curse – all three of the original stars, Jaclyn, Kate Jackson, and Farrah have had cancer. Jaclyn and Kate seem to have beaten it, while Farrah is still suffering.


  1. I like her, but she looks like a walking cliche in this pic.

  2. First of all, Jaclyn is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and has always been so. However, she seems to have worn the same hair style, more or less, since she became famous. Never understood why she wants to cover up her beautiful face.

  3. Well…look at her hairdresser. Not sure I’d let that dude wield scissors around my head.

  4. Hey if it aint broke don’t fix it. This old lady looks fabulous in long hair; she can still pull it off! Go Jackie you rock~~
    P.S. Love her Hermes with the casj outfit.

  5. Her hair looks amazing and the color is great on her. Her face, her body, down to earth style… this lady looks better than any of the CA’s. Kudos to her

  6. Jaclyn is wearing a wig, and this is not sour grapes.

  7. I wonder how heaven will looks like with these “DIRTY, ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS”, folks?

  8. It’s likely overuse and overexposure to hairspray caused cancer in all three. It’s a terrible price to pay for fame and beauty. Who was the original hairdresser from the TV show and are they still alive?

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