Ever since the Beckhams announced they were expecting last January, they’ve been bombarded by gifts for the baby. It seems like every upscale manufacturer of strollers has sent their latest model in hopes of seeing little Harper being pushed around it. It’s not gonna happen. Victoria and David received changing tables, all kinds of baby carriers, clothing, little girl toys, stuffed animals, dolls, and even a swing set. Victoria and David have a policy of not accepting gifts- everything is either returned or donated to LA charities – even the fourteen strollers worth up to $800!


  1. Who gives a cra*p about these hasbeens? Americans?

  2. Kinda bitchy tonight, aren’t “we” Pippa.
    Must be scary for the little guy who gets to warm up to you every night.
    “Every night his fat and psychopathic wife would thrash him within an inch of life.”
    “Hey Teacher, leave those kids alone.”

  3. Hey, Thank’s Patty-Boy!!! I have a lovely favorite tune pinging off the nether regions of my grey cells even as we speak!

    Pippy IS sortta a truffle-snorter, isn’t she?

    As for the parents of this exquisite new child, they are generous to donate the rediculous abomination of gifts their baby girl DOESN’T NEED! They can CLEARLY provide for their own offspring and I’m sure enjoy doing so. And isn’t it nice and so wonderful that some other little tykes will maybe get gifts they might not have had if Spice hadn’t given birth once more?

  4. one week old & already spoiled to the bone, folks!!

  5. Dont accept gifts!?!… either this story is BULL or these two are imposters…… I remember when Victoria requested approx 30-40 pairs of Designer sunglasses (Fendi, Police – when David was modeling Police some years ago) all free of charge so she could put them in some goody bags for all her friends when they threw some party! Cant imagine Victoria passing up anything! You dont keep/stay rich by spending your money after all.

  6. Anyone who can quote Pink Floyd is ok in my book.

    The manufacturers are just looking for free publicity. Good for the Beckhams for donating the “gifts”.

  7. yes, Denise, who can shove their newborn down the street in fourteen strollers at once? Maybe she could wire them together! Drive them in one long line like Octomom! I’m saying this because “confused” really IS confused! She can’t understand the simple and lovely idea of donating huge amounts of things they DON’T NEED to CHARITY! This family is already known to work closely with the Children’s hospital and children with cancer. They DO give of themselves freely and have a lovely, loving family that spends a lot of time together. My opinion of them has risen greatly over the last few years!

  8. As has mine, Reta. I was doubly-impressed when I learned they didn’t sell the little Harper’s first photos to the highest-bidding rag like other celebrities… rather, they elected to share the photos with their fans for FREE.
    Fascinating concept.

  9. The Becdhams are really nice and kind and giving people who care about the world and other people who have nothing to work with in this world and they are warm and loving and thoughful and kind to give to the poor and think about other peoples children and God Bless you and your lovely family and that is so nice that you give from your heart and soul and every time you bless a family who can’t afford something…God is blessing you kind Spirit and loving heart and it is wonderful to have people like you on this earth who really care. And when this promoters give to you…Is not a Gift..It is away of promoting there stuff and making money and it is not about your Beautiful Baby…It is about the money from this people that are useing you to make money for them!

  10. How very noble, more celebs should take their lead. In reality, only thing that child really needs is the love of her parents. God bless.

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