Angelina Jolie is one of the rare celebrities who takes time to personally support her causes. She and Brad showed up at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence where she made a passionate speech. Warzone sexual violence against women is destroying lives, particularly in Syria, South Sudan, and Central African Republic. Angelina hopes to change the laws in these countries and criminalize these actions. We continue to wonder WHY the USA sends billions of dollars of relief to countries where women have far less than equal rights. And while Angelina is busy doing this, Lana Del Rey was telling The Guardian that she doesn’t enjoy her fame and success and wishes she was dead already.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Behind the scenes, away form the Public face this woman is disgusting and lives a totally degrading lifestyle. I would seriously do some research before proclaiming her the savior of the Earth.

  2. Arlene, are you behind the scenes? What evidence do you have to make these claims?

  3. Arlene has no evidence, just a lot of envy and hatred.

    Arlene honey, are you obese ? living in a trailer ? divorced ? no college ? never travelled ? fast food job ? that’s what the research indicates about you ….

  4. Angie is the angel of the world. A joy to humanity. An inspiration to women everywhere. So glad Brad dumped Jenn for her. And Lana whoever — who???

  5. love that suit…her style
    her HEART
    her integrity
    her humanity
    her being real

    a precious soul

  6. @Jeremy J, Carly, Crasher, Pitbullover – 4 idiots of the day. Proofs are all over the internet that this skinny bitch is not who she seems to be. But its hard to be realistic and objective when ure brainwashed. keep kissing the ass of this bilderberg tool aka jolie. Needless to say her relationship with Pitt is a huge PR stunt. If the saviour of this world looks like here, Id rather be dead

  7. Yes, Jenny Shimizu especially things Angie is special….when she is between her legs. Call out this lunatic and do not praise her for her promotional activities.

    It is not, We Are the World!

  8. To have Angie advising on world issues is like having Babs Streisand as Professor of Economics at Stanford…just a joke!

    It is all about money!

  9. Sorry, but she is just another H-wood ego. If she really cared about people, it would start at home by being a real mother to that brood of ragamuffins she has.

    She has nannies and maids and God knows what else while she runs around the world proclaiming this-n-that. I’m sick of her bony ass.

  10. “Proofs are all over the internet “,

    XYZ, thank god you’ll never be in a position of any authority.

  11. Xyz: I don’t kiss ass, as a matter of fact, I could not care less how she lives her life. I am merely stating that Arlene has no proof of how she really lives. You however seem to have left school at an early age due to the evidence in your spelling and grammer.

  12. I’m not into any of her movies, but I think her work for women and children is off-the-charts amazing. She was honored last week by Queen Elizabeth with the title of “Dame of the British Empire”. Thank you Angelina for standing up for those who can’t.

    Agree with Janet 100%…we should not be sending billions of dollars for “aid” to barbaric countries that don’t have equal human rights for all.

  13. The expert cut of that outfit would make a 98 pound weakling look about 20 pounds heavier. Reports are that she now weighs 94 pounds, at 5 ft, 8 inches. As to her humanitarian efforts, what good is it doing by her going to 3rd world countries and sitting with the down-trodden with a black scarf on her head. Nothing has basically changed in these countries. A and B must have literally an army of assistants to convey them, their kids, their clothes, etc. on their many world travels. Being in many foreign countries every month is not exactly healthy—–different water, different bacteria, stomach bugs, etc. How they keep traveling at this breakneck pace is a mystery. (this is not a hate message, just an observation).

  14. My goodness she has the ugliest arms and most disgusting legs.

  15. How much did she pay you to say this Janet? #forshame

    Yeah, it’s so great that she had pr0n pix in her trailer when did Mr & Mrs Smith – where was her concern for any other women’s rights then? Oh and seducing the married husband? Yeah, great.

    And she now has the FAKE face and FAKE body she’s always wanted. #shallowbeyotch.

  16. Wow really not getting such hatred directed at a person you don’t even know. I’m guessing it’s more to do with your own unhappy lives.

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