It was great TV, but our hearts went out to Taylor Swift when numbskull Kanye West butted into her acceptance speech for Best Female Video, grabbed her mic and announced that Beyonce had the best video. Poor Taylor, only 19, was frozen with shock and when the audience started BOOING it was evident for a horrible moment that she feared they were booing HER! Eventually it became apparent that they were booing West and he responded with a rude gesture. We felt bad for the shaken Taylor, but she behaved graciously and this will certainly be the award she never forgets.

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  1. Great TV? Hardly, he is an @ss. How is he relevant again? Taylor is far more talented than that idiot or Beyonce, but don’t get me wrong, Beyonce is extremely talented. Just not as talented as Taylor Swift. He is a racist. I suppose he would prefer that the white musicians from another little award show because they aren’t worth enough talent for mtv. What a jerk off.

  2. The blacks like Kayne and Serena think they can get away with any words and actions now that they have a man in the White House. Throw these stooges out.

  3. He’s a narcissitic looser who can’t control his illogical big mouth. Just like when he ranted how Bush hates black people and threw a tantrum about “give the black man a chance” when he did not win an award. I would LOVE it if he were banned from any award shows in the future just to show him his behavoir is unacceptable. Nothing would upset him more than no longer having a platform to run his big fat pie hole and he finally may learn some respect and humility. What a dumb ass.

  4. Missed it! Beyonce doesn’t need a defender, she’s got a husband. What a jerk.

  5. If you spend enough time looking for racism, you’ll find it..Kanye…it’s a self-fulfilling prophesy. Does he really think that expressing his opinion this way will have any positive effect? Because this behaviour has earned our respect? Like they’d change their minds and give Beyonce the award? Does he think that values in art and aesthetics are so absolute the he can be right and somebody else can be wrong? Like his is not an opinion, but fact?

    Although I can understand how Kanye’s behaviour evokes stereotyping and racism, there are plenty of white idiots out there too. I’d hate to think that the odd idiot like Kanye has the power to reinforce racist attitudes in the American public. Don’t let that low life manipulate us into being racist; that’s what he wants – it will only justify his accusations. Unfortunately, a lot of good people out there will suffer more in response to his pronouncements than Kanye will.

  6. THANK YOU WOMEN, all of you!!
    ……………………we must say more?

  7. Besides. If Beyonce’s video is “The best video of all time” – than there is something seriously wrong with our music industry. Her video was okay. A little catchy – but not all that anyway.
    Someone needs to bitch slap that guy into reality. LOL.

  8. Next the Kardashians will be providing moral support to the blacks for this scene and the same for Serena’s ghetto mouth breaksown.

  9. Kanye West is a pussy and should be beaten. Taylor Swift is only 19 and is gettin’ bullied by this napoleon.

  10. Kanye is really pathetic. I’ve never seen a bigger sore loser in my life. I guess he really believes that any kind of publicity is good publicity. I feel sorry for the boy, personally, and I applaud the people at MTV for making him leave the awards. And does anybody really believe his lame apology to Taylor Swift? I think not. Taylor could teach Kanye a huge lesson in grace and dignity, but that doesn’t seem to be his style. Go home, Kanye, and STAY there!

  11. What if it was reversed, and a white person jumped on stage and told a black winner that the white deserved to win instead? Well, bet your sweet bippy that the two black racists Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would go on TV and start denouncing the white person that interrupted. Well, where are these two low-lifes now? Why don’t they get on TV and berate Kanye for being such an ass. It is because there is reverse discrimination. And furthermore, the blacks want to keep it that way, as if the whites living now had anything to do with slavery. BTW, I am white and my 3 best friends are black, and one of them did all my yard work while I was sick. These 3 friends are high-class and hard-working. Please please ban Kanye before there is a riot.

  12. and soooo true…where is jackson and sharpton now ???? imo they are just as bad kanye (piece of sh**)

  13. @ strom

    I guess we black folks should no our place then and not speak at all… first and foremost kanye is an ass big ass for bullying that young girl i in no way agree with him…

  14. Kanye needs to be severely reprimanded by ALL the music industry and banned for at least one year. Then, he should be assigned a real honest-to-goodness, precious, godly black church mother to mentor him for a year, get the hate for whites out of him, and then crush him with motherly hugs until he truly repented from his heart, not just vain words like he did on his twitter.

  15. I don’t think this is a black vs white issue.

    I think this is a moron who hasn’t produced anything lately issue vs young kid who definitely has a talent and a potential. P!nk was right today saying Kanye wouldn’t dare to do that if she was on stage…

  16. When the white guy yelled at obama at his speach how come there wasn’t a back lash like this? When tennis great john mcenroe & connors went off there wasn’t a back lash but when black people do it they must be lashed 20 twenty times to know their place?

  17. Chris Brown always seems to have alot of pent up rage……can’t he give Kanye a good beat down?

  18. Kanye thought he was a BIG man going up and yanking the mike out of the lil white girl’s hand.
    He’s a racist. If she was black or hispanic he wouldn’t do that, but because she’s a cute lil white girl he had to put her in her place.
    Why didn’t some of the “men” in the audience go up there and kick his axx?

  19. Can anyone say “MTV setup?” Not that it excuses Kanye being an ass in any way. But you know MTV enabled or suggested this.

  20. He’s a racist. If she was black or hispanic he wouldn’t do that, but because she’s a cute lil white girl he had to put her in her place.
    Why didn’t some of the “men” in the audience go up there and kick his axx?

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