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Tara Reid has a BIG surprise for everyone who has dismissed her as a “party girl.” Not only has she come out with her own bikini and casual wear line of women’s clothing called “Mantra,” but she is filming the entire creative and sales process and plans to turn it into a reality show. She just returned from the Las Vegas clothing show where she introduced her collection. But fashion spies told us that the REALLY big news is the guy in this photo at the airport is Tara’s FIANCEE! He’s French born Julien Jarmoune, and he owns the J Jeans company. Tara met him when she was putting her clothing business together. They’re keeping their engagement a big SECRET so they can reveal it on Tara’s show. Meanwhile, Julien’s jean company is rumored to be having problems. Maybe Tara will end up the breadwinner.


  1. Who cares? Her and her deformed boobs are soooo over…maybe someone aught to tell HER that…tick tick tick….

  2. He’s just using her for publicity. Is it just me, or does she look really horrid. Her hair looks bad and her face looks bloated, like she’s been drinkin’ too many Coronas. (I normally don’t hate on Tara) .

  3. Well, for sure he’ll be getting someone with plenty of experience in the old sack. And, since he’s French and not bad looking, I’m sure he’s not too shabby either. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a wedding.
    She was on TMZ on Sept. 2, and her hair looked thin, over-bleached and ratty. She looked bloated and the voice was very raspy as usual.

  4. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, isn’t it? Planned, I have no doubt. Tara’s taken a lot of flack, most of it deserved, but give the girl a chance. She may have actually grown up. Until you live her life, shut up.

  5. To add on to 5:13 AM. Forgot to say…I do still kinda like Tara. She is always interesting to say the least. Hope she can start anew and get herself together with this new venture. Prayer would help.

  6. Instead of getting married she should be concentrating on going to AA

  7. JANET, FYI…The post of Katie Holmes (4 scrolls down) will not let us post a comment). Call the frikkin computer man.

  8. Can you imagine the filth that Carson Daly left in her orifices. This is one defiled woman.

  9. You have a problem with her making a living? Being on a TV show after the horror of Kim and Denise? Ugh Shame!

  10. As long tara keeps on wearing her clothes I think there is no problem!!

  11. For years she has had that raspy, grating, throaty voice. There are two things that may have caused this…….one is drugs, and the other involves men. Not a pretty thought.

  12. I worked for Julien before- he is a great guy, and I have met her too- they are really happy together- but not engaged.
    And its J and Company Jeans- btw.

  13. Casonia Sade Logenberry..On Hells kitchen your words have to back up your actions.Big talk and action goes hand in hand..Hell kitchen completely rocks says:

    Clothing that is rarely made and no one in the world has that makes people look rare and…Meaning they have the most amazing cut and everything comes together and really blows you away in so many way and clothing has to move and groove and make you lust after it and…I do wish the best for her and hope she does well and be able to take care of the people that are love ones.

  14. Casonia...Tennile from Hells kitchen got her ass kicked off, Because she could not handle the fish station and she was drunk during service and she called chef ramsay a British Bastard..You curse the chef your ass is grass and he is going to kick you in t says:

    Hush, Hush and just keeping it under the hat is what people want and secrets are not kept because every one has there nose in the business and all freedom is gone and know the world is always going to know your secrets and there are always two faced back stabbing people that are not going to allow you to have a private moment to yourself.

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