Okay, we all ogled this photo of Barbra Streisand and clucked about
how she’s let herself go in terms of glamour. But look closely and tell

What’s RIGHT with this picture?

Answer:Barbra is scowling and wearing NO makeup, her matted hair is uncombed and her posture and baggy black clothes hardly flatter her mature figure, but she still sports the PICTURE PERFECT manicure of a hand model. Barbra always said she thought her hands were her best feature, and obviously she meant it.

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38 thoughts on “TAKE A CLOSE LOOK

  1. For YEARS, I’ve noticed that Babs has the most beautiful hands ever. It’s absolutely something we can’t diet into shape, or buy from the doctor. Her fingers are long, she doesn’t have veins and she really has the most beautiful hands out of any celebrity.
    It’s perfect when she sings because her hands are front and center. She’s lucky.

    Barbara is still a whiney lil cunt who should stick to retirement and keep her mouth shut unless she’s blowing me.

  3. Who gets dressed up to get the mail?
    Tell the photographer to get out the bushes.

  4. When she puts on her Donna Karan dress and does her hair and makeup, she looks great. Still don’t like her politics – – uninformed if passionate – – but the lady looks top-notch for her shows. Of course, for those ticket prices she better look decent. Who can even afford to go?

  5. I think she has the tape measure out to find out if her ASS can fit into her new Benz.

  6. Life’s a bitch when you have to get all dressed up just to go outside in your own yard. Yeah, it’s a terrible picture, but who hasn’t had one?! I wouldn’t call it “scowling” either, and her hair is pulled up. My god, someone who doesn’t sit on her a$$ and actually works. How old is she – 63, 64? C’mon cut the broad some slack.

  7. She’s fabulous. Tell the sleazy photographers to get out of the bushes and find real jobs.

  8. Noone looks fabulous 24/7. She’s busy working at home on something and so dumb photographer zoomed in and took a picture of her in the privacy of her home. Shame on them. Leave her alone.

  9. I love her. Her politics aren’t uninformed, if you’re going to make such a claim, back it up with proof!

  10. J Brolin i would rather get head from G Michael than this hideous skank.

  11. J Brolin i would rather get head from G Michael than this hideous skank.

  12. “. . . a feeling deep in your soul says you were half, now . . . you’re like DOUBLE!”

  13. Give the woman a break. I may not agree with her politics but I certainly admire the fact she hasn’t bought into the hideous and self-indulgent face lift cult of Hollywood.
    (And yes, her hands have always been elegant and graceful.)

  14. She better support stem cell research. That or Maaco are the last chance.

  15. Babs, you look like most of us sixty something year old broads. That’s not too shabby either…… Politics will age you most of all

  16. I thought Babs looked great at her wedding to Brolin.

  17. Wish she’d do a Paul Jabara medley (“The Main Event,” “Enough is Enough,”) in her new show. Also wish she’d have Kim Carnes as a guest star and have them do their duet “Make No Mistake, He’s Mine.” It’s a gorgeous song by Kim, I have the 45 with the pic of them on the cover.

  18. Better yet, look at today’s people, Grandma Heather Locklear in a bathing suit….nothing like not growing old gracefully.

  19. And I just spent over a grand for tickets to see her.
    Perhaps some unfortunate mishap shall occur that will force her to postpone te tour than I can get my money back.
    Funny Girl, she only added 2 shows in same city and living in S FLorida I know big mistake was made to do so. No 2nd show in Vegas or LA I guess after raining on her parade in Florida they realized a big mistake was made. I keep hearing the name Michael Cohl $ Michael $ Michael Cohl$ well Mr. Cohl this picture reiterates onr thing you shall never see another dollar from me again and I hope there are others out there who feel the same way. People who need money arent the luckiest People in the World if they spent it on seeing her instead of food or gas or basic necessities. Enough said the picture just sent me on a dissertation

  20. Barbara is a typical hollywood moron. What do you expect, it’s LA LA Land. Reality and real world problems are far below these people.They need to shut UP!

  21. She is awful, her politics suck, she sucks and she is just the typical high and mighty Hollywood left who puts themselves so much higher up the food chain then us mortals….SHE IS A FREAKIN ACTOR….My hands look better than that trolls…and im a guy….

  22. She’s pond scum. I’m happy to see a bad photo of that nasty yenta.

  23. Wow, still amazed that this woman illicits such angry, rude, and filthy responses from people.
    She’s a true American: We’re allowed to speak up for what we believe in. Streisand is vocal via her website, mostly, and in private concerts she’s given for Democrats. Unlike the real C%nt, Ann Coulter, who goes on television and spews her hatred and political thoughts. That’s a woman you all should hate. Not Barbra.
    I have always thought that the most evil responses illicited by Barbra are from people who have women/mother issues.

  24. [1:46 – ..amazed that this woman illicits such angry, rude, and filthy responses from people.]
    Speaking truth to power.
    Questioning her authority.
    Reality bites.
    Words from wiser guys:
    PJ O’Rourke: “the US Marine Corp has done much more for world peace that all the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream ever sold.”
    “If freedom of speech means anything at all, it is the freedom to say things that people do not want to hear.” – George Orwell
    “There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.” – P.J. O’Rourke

  25. “such angry, rude, and filthy responses from people … Unlike the real C%nt, Ann Coulter”

  26. I can’t stand the woman but this is pretty sad, she’s an old lady isn’t she, what the hell do you expect? Plus, what Elliot said.

  27. I love when people tell the photographer to get out of the bushes, but it’s usually the same people who are buying the magazines that publish the photos that the photographers took from the bushes.

  28. Nice manicure, beautiful voice, but man she sure is greedy charging so much for those tickets. This gives me the impression that she doesn’t give a shit about her average fans, only the rich ones you can afford those ridiculously priced tickets. Sad, very sad.

  29. No wonder Barbra stays away from the general public. She has said more than once how cruel people are with their mean comments about her. Obviously she is right. Granted, I don’t agree with her political views at times, but she does have the right to her opinions. I try to concentrate on how much joy she has brought to my life through her music, acting and directing. How she chooses to look is none of my business.

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