Nowadays when tourists want to get a glimpse of celerities, they don’t have to get on a bus that tours celebrity homes. They can just join the strikers outside film studio offices in New York or Hollywood. Richard Gere turned a lot of heads in NYC when he  put on his sneakers and joined the march outside Netflix and Warner Bros offices. Big names are a great help in stimulating sympathy for the strikers. Unfortunately in Hollywood SO many businesses and people are suffering financially from the strike, that it’s becoming scary…


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


HERE’S a first: Fran Drescher without makeup! According to a source, Fran’s makeup free appearance yesterday to announce the SAG/AFTRA strike was deliberate. Fran, who is the president of the actor’s union, took a lot of flak when she was photographed last weekend at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show hanging out with Kim Kardashian. Some union members complained that as the president of the union, she should have been hard at work at contract negotiations and not halfway around the world at a fashion show. Fran, who rarely leaves the house without make-up, deliberately appeared at today’s press press conference au naturel with messy hair and bags under her eyes to give the appearance that she’s been hard at work. Fran, who is usually in designer outfits, completed the serious at work look with a T-shirt and an unflattering hoodie. This was no slip up, she wanted to silence her critics. (we love her either way)

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA