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Just can’t help but wonder if Timothee Chalamet has regrets about destroying Woody Allen’s career. Timothee probably didn’t expect his behavior to have such a lasting effect on Woody’s life. Woody enjoyed working with Timothee in his film A Rainy Day in New York, according to Woody’s book Apropos of Nothing. A mutual friend told Woody that Timothee was advised to distance himself from Woody and donate his salary from Rainy Day to charity, because it would increase his chances of being nominated for an Oscar. (He did get a nomination for Call Me By Your Name, but no Oscar.) Following Timothee’s lead, other actors in Woody’s film started backing away from Woody and donating to Time’s Up also. They were afraid NOT to. Amazon dumped the movie, scrapped releasing it, and canceled Woody’s 4 picture deal. All this happened because Woody was accused of “molesting” his adopted daughter Dylan who was living with his bitter ex Mia Farrow. Two investigations found him not guilty and NO ONE ELSE ever accused Woody of such behavior. We think he’s innocent and you will too, if you read Woody’s book. Timothee should read Woody’s book…

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Can’t WAIT to read Woody Allen’s new book Apropos of Nothing– by the way, you cannot buy it from Amazon. In the book, Woody talks about filming A Rainy Day in New York with Timothee Chalamet. Not long after they wrapped, Timothee got an Oscar nomination for the movie Call Me By Your Name. At that time it was shocking when Timothee publicly stated he regretted working with Woody, and was giving his salary to charity. Woody says Timothee told his sister that he needed to do that because his agent felt he had a better chance of winning if he denounced Woody, so he did! Other actors followed suit. Timothee did not win the Oscar, and Woody remarked that he only pays union minimum salary to his actors so donating it was not actually such a “heroic gesture.” Woody’s movie was released in Europe, but Amazon refused to release it here.

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When Annette Bening and Warren Beatty surprised everyone by getting married in 1992, HE was by far, the bigger star. After he became successful, Warren started taking his time about making movies – whether he starred or directed, so he wasn’t as prolific as Annette. She took some time off with her children, but basically made a LOT of impressive films. Nowadays, SHE seems to be the bigger star and she’s one of the lucky over 50 women in Hollywood who keeps getting offers. (Besides “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool” in which she plays Gloria Grahame, Bening has three more movies in the works.) She and Warren appeared quite happy at The Moving Image Salute to Annette Bening this week in New York. Also at the event was Timothy Chalamet from “Call Me By Your Name” looking rather handsome.

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