Sylvester Stallone did a surprisingly candid interview with James Hibbard at The Hollywood Reporter, and it brought back some memories. Sly admitted that he was obnoxious and “thought he knew everything” when he became successful. Back in the day, his biggest competitor was Arnold Schwarzenegger- (it so happens I introduced them when we were all walking out of a screening in the late 70’s.) They became rivals and Arnold admitted to faking interest in a dud movie (Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot) to lure Sly into pouncing on the role. Sly went so far as to pay a UK writer to write a book about Arnold’s father, who was a Nazi, figuring it would kill his career. (It didn’t, and Arnold is quite the opposite of his father) Now that both actors are older – they realize they have a lot in common and are good friends. They like smoking cigars together.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA  Stallone on the set of Tulsa King


When Nazi-themed photos of Jesse James’ mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee surfaced, it may have surprised US, but it’s nothing new to HIM. Michelle appeared in Nazi regalia and sports a W and a P tattoo that stand for “white power.” The symbols of Jesse’s carefully calculated biker lifestyle are Nazi era signs and symbols, hateful attitudes, and a tough guy persona. Jesse designed the logo for his West Coast Choppers merchandise to look like an iron cross – a German wartime military medal associated with white supremacy. One of Jesse’s best friends, who has guested on his TV show, reportedly has a big Nazi flag on his living room wall. Jesse has built up a “motorcycle outlaw” image that has earned him LOADS of money from people who might take this macho posturing more seriously than he does.