Josh Kushner


At 6’2,” supermodel Karlie Kloss, 28, towers over her mother-in-law Seryl Kushner as they take a walk with Karlie’s new baby Levi. Karlie and her husband Josh Kushner (Jared Kushner’s brother) started dating in 2012, but sources say his family had no interest in meeting her because she wasn’t Jewish. In 2018, she converted to Judaism and they married soon after. But Karlie has not converted to Republicanism and has remained not only a feminist, but a Democrat. (Josh is also a Democrat.) Naturally she has a convoluted relationship with her in-laws. She and Josh have marched for gun control and she was seen wearing a Biden/Harris hat before the last election. Whether Karlie and Ivanka ever become close as sisters-in-law, remains to be seen.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA,