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Christina Applegate just revealed that she has 30 lesions on her brain due to her courageous battle with MS. We just learned that Christina has turned to the Wahl Protocol Diet in hopes of alleviating her debilitating symptoms. The diet, developed by MS inflicted Dr. Terry Wahl, has proven to help many patients although it will take time to see if Christina benefits from the plan -which includes lots of leafy greens, lean meats and limited sweets and dairy.

A few days ago, Diddy’s multiple homes were raided by the Department of Homeland Security over allegations and sex trafficking and we are now hearing that his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez has been asked to sit for an interview! Both the FBI and Homeland Security are curious to find out what she may have seen when she and Diddy were a thing from 1999-2001. My source says that J.Lo is LIVID over being dragged into this mess, but nonetheless plans to cooperate since she doesn’t want to risk getting subpoenaed.

Carol Burnett is still making headlines at 90-years-old thanks to her turn on Palm Royale, the hot new series on Apple TV+. Carol has gotten rave reviews for her performance in the campy comedy/drama and now the folks at Saturday Night Live have noticed. Despite her illustrious comedic career, Carol has never hosted SNL. That could be about to change as we just heard that producers are trying to work with her schedule about hosting the still popular show as the end of this season or more likely early next season.

The world found out this week that pro footballer Aaron Rodgers won’t be RFK Jr.’s vice-presidential running mate, as Kennedy chose Bay Area mogul Nicole Shanahan as his pick. Here’s what we know: Aaron was actually asked before Nicole to join the ticket but he was never going to run with Kennedy because he has other political aspirations. As my source put it, he didn’t want to shoot his shot on this long-shot campaign but instead plans to run for Senator once he retires from football.

Beyoncé’s country album drops this week and here’s something you read here FIRST. Weeks ago we told you Beyonce was doing a duet with legend Dolly Parton and in the just released soundtracks it shows she’s covering Dolly’s popular sing Jolene. Our source says Dolly and Beyonce did a duet for the album and hoped to keep it a secret, which they did for everyone else BUT this website.



Beyonce just hit number 1 on the country music charts and none other than the country legend herself, Dolly Parton, was one of the first to congratulate her on social media. While the thoughtful gesture was kind in itself, a source close to the pop music superstar reveals the SECRET that’s yet to be revealed: Beyonce and Dolly are doing a duet! They’re cowriting the lyrics and music- and their unannounced duet should be released as a single this summer.

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Not only is 77-year-old Dolly Parton’s Thanksgiving Day halftime show during the Dallas Cowboys football game trending across social media, but the performance caught the eyes of some NFL bigwigs. Dolly dressed up in the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader uniform and sang her most popular songs, including Jolene and 9 to 5, while promoting her Rockstar album,. Her performance was SO well received that executives are trying to work her into the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show in Las Vegas on February 11. My football source says that although Usher is the headliner for the show, executives are planning to go big with guest performances and now Dolly is on their wishlist.



In a recent radio interview, Dolly Parton remarked that she was negotiating with Playboy magazine to appear on the cover with an inside interview ”to coincide with her 75th birthday in January.” She added that “it would be “in good taste.” Back in the day (1978), Dolly appeared on Playboy’s cover wearing a bunny suit with an interview inside. So it would be a fitting reunion. But it appears Dolly’s career has outlasted Playboy. The magazine stopped printing during the pandemic with the March issue, and IF it appears again, it will be strictly online. That’s a big IF. But you can still purchase a Playboy mask on their website…

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The minute Dolly Parton revealed that she is writing a movie version of her life, a lot of actresses became her best friend. From Dolly’s hillbilly youth in Tennessee to her amazing musical success – the story is fascinating and the starring role is bound to be coveted. According to The National Enquirer, Miley Cyrus, who happens to be Dolly’s goddaughter, thinks the part should be hers. (Regarding Miley, Dolly said “People thought I was trashy when I started out, too!”) But Jessica Simpson and Hayden Panettiere are also very interested and BOTH seem like plausible choices. Of all people, Blake Lively is also said to be interested, but that would be some odd casting!

(Above, Dolly and Richie Sambora)

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