Now it makes some sense. A highly inebriated (twice the legal limit) Rip Torn, 78, was found wandering around inside a Connecticut bank with a loaded gun in his pocket and his fly unzipped. Officers who came in response to the bank alarm found shoes and a hat by the back door, and broken glass next to the door. Torn didn’t understand why troopers showed up to arrest him and put him in handcuffs and kept asking WHY they were taking him away. Here’s the deal: The “Men in Black” star had been drinking at a bar near his home (he walks, since his DUI) and he was so wasted when he left that he mistook the bank for his house. The bank DOES look like a home – it’s in a two story colonial house with an attic. Torn took off his hat and boots at the back door and when his key wouldn’t work, he broke the glass to get in. When troopers arrived he still thought he was at home! He was charged with trespassing, burglary, and firearms counts, after spending the weekend in jail. Last we heard he’s off to rehab.