Sylvester Stallone, dolled up in a lavender shirt and matching glasses, was on Letterman last night bemoaning the fact that he is constantly influenced and surrounded by women at home and needed some masculine company. (Sly lives with his wife and three daughters and various female pets – and don’t forget he has a very opinionated mother.) So he decided to get the most macho dog he could find and researched up the “thug dog”– a tough breed raised in the swamps of New Orleans. He brought the dog home and it WAS very assertive (although not aggressive) and macho. Sly went away to shoot a movie for a few weeks and when he returned he discovered that his wife Jennifer had had the dog neutered! His lack of enthusiasm made it evident that Jennifer is the responsible pet owner in the family.

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  1. And, if she gives him any backtalk about the dog, she’ll be after him non-stop to be neutered too. He doesn’t want any more daughters, but wants a son, same as Bruce Willis always wanted a son. He does, though, have a severely autistic son by ex-wife, Sascha. Yo, Jennifer, you wearing da pants in da family.

  2. That dog looks like it’s nice superficially, but don’t turn your back on it.

  3. How pathetic, getting a big thug of a male dog to prop up one’s masculinity. Everyone knows real men keep cats.

  4. Yes, I saw him on Letterman, and was surprised by how entertaining he was and funny too. Usually I change the channel when he comes on because I can’t hack looking at his stretched back tight face (that looks identical to his hideous mother Jackie’s). But this time I stayed long enough to hear the above story and see the family which was in the greenroom, the wife and 3 cute daughters, which THANKFULLY looked much like their model mother who was sitting right next to them so it was easy to see the comparison. They COULD spend the money and have a son if they so chose. There is a procedure that can tell which is male or female and implant it in the mother. They can afford it, so if they truly want a son, I would guess they would do that, Bruce too with his new wife.
    But Sly needs to leave his face alone. That mask he’s wearing for a face is horrible and I would think would give his wife and kids nightmares!

  5. Aggressive dogs frighten me, get a Samoyed. Most gentle dog ever.

  6. Did anyone else notice that Sly’s zipper was down through most of the interview….crazy! Also to remember is that he broke up with Jennifer via fax and then later realized she is the one. He’s as fascinating as ever and can’t wait to see this movie with all the “guys”!

  7. He has two grown sons. And what kind of moron doesn’t neuter an animal?

  8. Yeah Persi. This dog is of a very aggressive breed, and presumably the dog will be around Stallone’s family. And he was not going to get it neutered? That is like leaving a loaded gun, with a hair-trigger, on the kitchen table.

    Obviously this was a macho trip. If Stallone wanted to get a dog that would be protection, he would have gotten a bitch – they are smarter, and maternal, and so very protective AND calculating in their aggression (whereas a male is just aggressive across the board).

    Stallone seems an idiot.

  9. With an attitude like that, Stallone was lucky the dog was still there when he got home. At least Stallone is just smart enought to know which side of his toast has butter.

  10. Sebastian, well there’s always TRAINING isn’t there? If this idiot hasn’t spent the money for the best training there is to have, then he’s got a ticking time bomb with 4 legs and no balls walking around his home sighting on his 3 lovely little girls. AFTER it attacks a daughter a rips her face off it’ll be too late, Snipping off the nuts isn’t the only answer to aggression in dogs. It is bred into breads like that and he even SAID he sought out the most aggressive masculine kind of dog he could find, a “thug”. If this dog could hold a guy to his children it would. I hope those pretty young girls stay far far away from this scary animal AND he gets it top-trained. Boy, Sly sure does have issues with his masculinity, doesn’t he? Maybe that’s why all the stupid body-building, hair dying, face chopping up. Gee, I kinda wonder why that moron Cap’n Asshole hasn’t pegged him gay with all these symtoms!

  11. HaHaHa! Reta, the Captain only pegs male celebs as gay if they are young, pretty, buff, or any combo of the three, because he fancies them rotten. Actually, Me thinks he likes twinks. Stallone is way off his radar.

  12. OH…I thought the only requirement was having a flaccid lump of skin dangling between your legs…Cap’n’s so thirsty I would think ol’ Sly’s package would make him drool and even that doggybeast the way Sly described it…all red and pointy…
    go Cap’n go Cap’n go Cap’n….

  13. Reta, LOL. You are probably right. Any port in a storm. Or, in this case, any storm in the port.

  14. Are we all envy,he looks how he looks,its called good genes,I got it too

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