“The Expendables” star Sylvester Stallone took his family on their annual summer vacation to the South of France. Stallone was very affectionate with his wife Jennifer on their yacht and he took his three daughters Sistine, 16, Sophia, 17, and Scarlet, 12, for rides on his jet ski. When they’ve had enough sun, Sly always takes his lucky girls on a shopping spree in the French boutiques. They all look like they’re having a great time.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. She showed the children because Stallone’s PR team sent out the photo so she & others would show the children!

  2. Becca is absolutely correct. Stop whining about the kids.

  3. Grossly creepy for four very good reasons. Really? What a sell out for material goods. Gross.

  4. he has other, older children. wonder why we don’t see them anymore

  5. @Jojo

    Stallone’s two older children, sons Sage and Seargeoh, are from his first marriage. His firstborn Sage, at the time 36, died of a heart attack in July 2012. He was estranged from his father the last four years of his life.

    His second son, Seargeoh, 35, was diagnosed with a severe form of Autism before the age of 3. Seargeoh is non-verbal and lacks the ability to bond. His intellectual age is reportedly that of a six-year-old. Today he lives in a Los Angeles area adult care facility where he is visited regularly by his mother, Sasha Czack, who lives nearby. Stallone has stated publicly he has no relationship with his surviving son and hasn’t since he was a small boy.

  6. I recall how Jennifer Flavin held on to Sly like a raging maniac and would not let go……this while he was ravaging Susan Anton and fighting a paternity suit with Janice Dickinson. She wouldn’t give up and by golly she finally landed him. lol

    The 3 girls all have the middle name of Rose.

  7. I remember seeing her on a talk show after he dumped her with a Dear John letter. Of course she admitted she was devastated and went on with her life and he came crawling back and married her. They seem a happy family unit but I always remember that shit dumping Sasha and those two little boys when he got too big for his britches. He is a rubber face(rich)but still a rubber face.

  8. What a contrast to Arnold’s kids; Stallone’s kids are slim and trim and Arnold’s kids are fat and dumpy.

  9. Typical hollywood wife injected to the max with fillers (can’t see it in this picture). She desperately wanted to be on House Wives of Beverly Hills.

  10. I’d have fun too if I had a never ending flow of money!

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