We think Madonna is more of a HERO in this adoption situation than she’s getting credit for. Maybe it wasn’t a great idea to adopt a baby with a living parent, but as the baby’s father has said “If my son stayed here I would end up burying him.” Nobody’s talking about thirteen month old David’s health, but the fact is, he’s ill, and AIDS is quite probably the reason. The disease is ravaging Malawi and may have killed David’s mother. David is just recovering from PNEUMONIA , and according to Madonna, has not been tested for HIV. Madonna has always been a huge AIDS activist , so it makes sense for her to take in an HIV baby – a far bigger challenge than most adoptive parents face. She’s giving this sick child nobody else wants, a chance at a good life, so give her some credit!

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  1. In today’s cynical world I don’t think anything a celebrity does is going to be fully praised. People are too busy looking for fault or accusing her of trying to get publicity as if she actually has to try.

  2. Madonna is a parasite! There are plenty of children in this country and UK that need homes. Also, if the stars cared about children they would set up permanent charitable well-run orphanages for them in their respective countries. In time, the children would return to their homes. As educated healthy people they could prevent other children from needing such charitable organizations. Give someone a fish they eat today, teach someone to fish they eat for a lifetime. Do not think Madonna or Angelina think beyond there own desires, no matter how they dress it up.

  3. Madonna is a opportunistic whore who has to fake a British accent as to make it appear she is not the Michigan Trailer Trash skank that she really is. Were there no deserving babies in England for her to adopt or in her home land of America? Why africa? Why adopt a black baby into a family full of whites? Is Madonna going to quit her tour to take care of the baby or just hire nannies like she does with the rest to raise the baby while she goes and disparages Cahtolics and others in her tour?
    I hope the next time Madonna is in Africa, she gets the Ebola Virus.

  4. Madonna is a publicity whore. When other celebrities like Michelle Pfeiffer adopted babies, there was no fanfare. This is all for her out of control ego.

  5. Why do celebrities have to go out of the country to adopt? There are a lot of sick orphans/healthy orphans in the US. Why are you trying to make her and other celebrities heroes – let’s start taking care of our own.

  6. Her heart was in the right place but this was clearly done too quickly. I believe the father who has said that he thought Madonna was taking his son in the same was the orphanage was: in trust, ready to return the child after the father remarried and the situation improved. I also believe Madonna when she says that the gov’t said everything’s a “go.” The Malawan gov’t are the real media whores here, manipoulating all of the other parties. Who was the first to run to the press blabbing abou the adoption? It wasn’t the father and it wasn’t Madonna.

  7. I couldn’t care less about skanky Madonna. She is a self-absorbed entertainer who thinks the world cares what she does each day. Arghh! If I never hear her name again – I’d be grateful.

  8. She’s no hero. Why the need to go over there and adopt. If she wanted to rescue a poor, sickly, impoverished, little black boy there are plenty in the US to save, where she’d have no adoption issues and she doesn’t have to worry about human trafficking drama. Better yet, if she really wanted to do some good be like Oprah and adopt the family. Let him stay with his father and support the two of them. How expensive could that be? $50,000 would probably take care of them for life, whereas I’m sure she spends that alone on shoes for her daughter.

  9. I agree with 11:42. Madonna could easily support an entire village. Malawi is one of the scariest countries in terms of HIV. SOmething like 30% have it.

  10. Hey Anonymous –
    How do you account for Angelina’s role as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador? Is that also a shot to fulfill her own desires? You sould be commending these celebrities for their efforts to bring attention to international issues.

  11. Hey Anonymous –
    How do you account for Angelina’s role as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador? Is that also a shot to fulfill her own desires? You should be commending these celebrities for their efforts to bring attention to international issues.

  12. I’m not really sure about this whole Madonna-adopting-a-Malawi-orphan thing.
    It reminds me of Joan Crawford adopting her two children and we all know how well that worked out.
    A poster on another site referred to this adoption more like Madonna was buying a pet than adopting a child. I think, for now, I agree. Only time will tell.
    However, in a very telling incident that I think highlights her “sincerity” about this whole adoption drama, Madonna was photographed going to the gym about an hour after her adopted son was delivered to her home in London. This makes me wonder about the depth of her commitment and reinforces my belief this child is more of a pet than a son.
    I think she could have done a lot more by “adopting” a village, but then maybe there are problems with that I can’t anticipate.
    Either way, we will know in about 10 or 20 years if she was sincere about this because that is when the boy she adopted will be able to tell his side of the story. Maybe, even sooner.

  13. I love madonna and what she is doing is to be praised, ALL THE HATERS can go to hell! I dare any of you to do what she is doing, AND face the negative reaction like she does daily, it would break most poeple, Rock on madonna!
    long live the queen!

  14. Megan – no offense meant. Plenty of people celebrities and us common folk donate our time and money to charities. Some even work in the system, as Angie does. The difference is most do it without fanfare, for a reason. Because everyone should be nice and all people should do what they are capable of doing to better our world; having a camera on you when you do it makes you a hypocrate, a highly visible one at that. You do not get a cookie for being nice, you are supposed to be nice. Also, if you pay any attention you will see how Angela and her posse treat people in general, can we say colonial-overlord. She is no Saint. Discretion is the better part of valor.

  15. What Madonna is doing is honorable, and it’s bringing attention to the tragedy that is Africa. But there are indeed plenty of orphans in the U.S.–and this is her home country, in case you were wondering (what with the faux English accent she’s sporting).

  16. Wow – hard to believe there is anything altruistic on that hag’s mind. It’s just the “hottest trend”. How pathetic.

  17. She’s not even worthy of my comment.
    And please, may she stay out of the US for good….fake accent and all.
    Next I’ll pick on Oprah.

  18. Yes, Madonna, you’re an amazingly caring and unselfish person. By the way, NICE FUR.

  19. Just leave Madonna alone. She’s really saving another life, and giving this boy – her son, now – a better future.
    I just wish many other so-called superstars have the guts and enough love in them to take in another child. To adopt a child from a third-world country is a big decision, and it’s a lifetime decision too. How many can say yes to that?

  20. Madonna is all about herself. Who can say she will love this child she adopted? You are on the outside looking in. You have no idea what will go on in that household. The jury remains out on this adoption.

  21. Dear Anonymous…
    you are the typical uninformed critic… Madonna is investing millions of dollars in orphanages and orphan care facilities in Malawi in addition to adopting… she is also producing a documentary on the subject (not of her adoption experience, but of the plight of a country ravaged by AIDS and its generation of orphans)…
    she is doing exactly what you said she should… before casting the stone, give someone the benefit of the doubt while you find out more information…
    have a good life!

  22. Anonymous,
    I would be suprised to hear if you have ever done anything unselfish in your life. Just because Madonna is someone recognized and respected you have to diss her for giving another child a shot at a good life. That is truly pathetic, why don’t you go get a job.

  23. The percentage of this forum feels the same way I do, in that, North America has many homeless children from all ethnic backgrounds. Just look in your own backyard, so to speak, because there are enough needy children that need love and a home. It seems to be ‘fashionable’ to go to the third world countries and set your ‘stake’. If there are so many sick and/or under-nourished children, the humane thing to do, and the cheapest, would be to supply birth control to stop this horrendous multiplication and spare further children coming into such a hell.

  24. Well, isn’t it easy for us to sit back and criticize a celebrity, or anyone for that matter, when they do something as loving and generous as adopting a child in need. I don’t feel that I have the right to criticize Madonna, or Angelina, or anyone else in this situation — I am certainly not doing my part to help children in need. Thank goodness people like Madonna and Angelina are! And one more thing: I praise them for adopting children from other countries. What makes children in North America or the UK more important than those in third-world countries!? Perhaps by raising these children in developed countries they will get the education and opportunities they need to make a difference in their home countries.

  25. the humane thing to do, and the cheapest, would be to supply birth control to stop this horrendous multiplication and spare further children coming into such a hell.

    un huh.. only rich white people should be allowed to breed, huh?
    gotta love the ole’ eugenics song and dance you creeps trot out to explain away all of humanity’s problems.

  26. Many children are given up for adoption, and so it’s not at all unusual that David has a biological father who is alive.

  27. I’m incredulous that ANYONE would criticize ANYONE who adopts.
    What’s the problem?

  28. I seem to remember a few years ago, Madonna got all interested in tea-cup Chihuahas.
    She soon got tired of them and gave them away to an animal shelter.
    Several of her Chihuahas were in such bad shape, with things like broken jaws and ribs that they had to be euthanized. The Chihuahas has been neglected miserably.
    There is a reason why just anyone is not allowed to adopt children.

  29. I agree with 10:22. And, Madonna has already said the baby tested negative for Aids, so that excuse can’t be used. I think the whole thing sucks.

  30. Madonna is the fakest. Some nanny is going to take care of that kid. He is just one big photo op for her. I used to be her biggest fan, but now I can’t stand her. God, SO FAKE.

  31. Oh, yeah, Madonna is a saint because she adopted one not-quite-orphaned African child to whisk him away to her land of psuedo-Brit bounty while there are hundreds of thousands of others still suffering.
    It would have been so much better of her to donate her money to combat poverty or AIDS in Africa, instead of following yet another trend by copying Angelina’s adopt-a-third-world-baby spree.

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