DorfcutKPX.JPGDiminutive actor Stephen Dorff has a history of obnoxious, erratic behavior in nightclubs and Xenii is no exception. (Remember when he and Jeremy Piven exchanged insults at a NY club- Jeremy called Dorff a “has-been” and Dorff snarled that at least he was a “movie actor and not on cable TV!”) Last Saturday he was SO liquored up he was swaying back and forth and he splashed his drink on a girl’s chest. He “apologized” with an off-color comment and the girl’s outraged boyfriend leaped at him. The boyfriend grabbed Dorff and hurled him across the bar which sent dozens of pricey bottles of liquor flying in all directions. There was broken glass and alcohol everywhere but Incredibly, the soused “movie” actor was unhurt – no blood was shed. He was propped up in a corner where he slept or was passed out for the rest of the evening.

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  1. he’s one bad and i mean bad guy things do come in small packages he’s always in trouble.

  2. Why don’t they put a tranquilizer in that guys first drink and then lean him up against the wall all night long.
    You’d think that guy would get a hobby like flying jet airplanes like John Travolta. Chicks like guys that can fly and take them places.
    Course, if the guy had any brains he’d go learn how to surf and start dating surfer girls who don’t typically hang out in bars. This guy is just lacking friends.

  3. He’s probably alot like Harrison Ford, needed a strong young lady to steer that guy around.
    I think I’d pursue the Surfing and then go check out the female surfing championships. Wonder how many celebrities ever show up for events like that ???

  4. I’ll be his friend.
    And riiide him like a rodeo clown.
    And I love you too Sunseeds.

  5. he’s a good actor but his moment has passed.
    and his looks which were always average, are receding along with his hairline.
    if hes lucky he will land a TV series even one that airs on cable.
    drunk & obnoxious is not cute for those of us over 30.

  6. a drugged out kid who likes to be in the limelight all the time these celebs are all a bunch of spoiled and immature people who hang out at the rehabs for fun and meeting other drugys

  7. I’d bang him, but I’d probably have to bathe in bleach afetr so………well, I’d still bang him.

  8. Mmm, I think he’s sexy and beautiful. OK, so he’s been acting out of control lately, but who hasn’t had a rough patch? I loved him in Cecil B. Demented.
    I’ll go see him in anything. Stay strong, babe!

  9. Word is he likes to corner girls and whip out his willy and proceed to masterbate.

  10. Huh why’d he do a thing like that he must be depressed or something?

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