Nice to see these three guys in their 60’s looking fit and hanging out at Caffe Roma like teenagers. We’re betting Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger teased their buddy Chuck Zito about his date with Pamela Anderson the other night. Arnold and Sly were arch-rivals back in the day when both were action heroes, but time mellowed them and eventually they became friends after all. Of course you still sense a competitive edge… Arnold has the best taste in shoes.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI



  1. I’m hot hot hot for the guy on the right!

  2. The one on the left is a total washout. : (

    But, I’m hot, hot, hot for the one on the right!!!

  3. I’m hot hot hot for the one on the right!!!

  4. These old ugly men look washed up. Chuck ziti must be poor, he’s always wearing them boots. Stallone has the best shoes in this photo. Arnold looks like and orangutan.

  5. hasta la vista, baby.

    ……………..THE USUAL STUFF.

  6. Poor little imposter….tries to be Strom but just doesn’t have the intellect or class!

  7. I am so witty and clever when I comment on Janet’s site. It makes me feel good about myself. Posting comments on Janet’s site is all I really want to do in life. And heck, I’m really good at it. Because it takes class and intellect, which I have an abundance of. Posting comments on Janet’s site and feeling like I am really good at it is all that’s really important in life anyway. There’s a whole big world happening out there, and yet all I want to do is post clever comments on Janet’s site. In this endeavor, I have succeeded. I am awesome!

  8. Poor little imposter playing Strom for a few minutes really gives you a special feeling doesn’t it?

    Go back to your call center corner and wait for the lunch break!

  9. I am a dum dum. Once again I accuse people of being imposters, yet, no one has posted under my name.

    See. I am really Stoopid.

  10. Strom nobody can be your imposter because you have no wit. Absolutely none.
    In fact, you don’t get wit. Brick. You are a brick. Thick as a brick.

    Everyone else here has some degree of wit. But not you, nor any of your personnas. That’s why it’s so easy to figure you out. Dum dum.

  11. Poor Carlos and not my Sharona! Poor little imposter so wants to be Strom he posts something as witless as that.

  12. Size 13 EE’s!
    Someone has you smelled out!
    Rock on.

  13. Poor little Pied Piper….still waving the organic spinach colored flag!

  14. Poor Carlos, the town gobber & imposter in one! Go back to the Call Center.

  15. Or better yet Carlos, the Pied Piper, little Bob,Angelo and Sharona can all have a Gay Right march and wave the bright green & pink diversity flag!

  16. what has all this chatter got to do with this picture?

  17. It is a bunch of jealous heel nappers who are more interested in showing off their lack of intelligence and success than in commenting on the thread. They try to tear down Strom, but it doesn’t work.

    Sly & Arnie are hugely successful through hard work. The imposters, like Obama, believes that they didn’t build their success…the government made it possible.

  18. Time mellowed them out Janet? Nah, more like they’ve laid off the roids for a while.

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