Piers Morgan took a little flak for pumping Kim and Kourtney Kardashian about their breasts (fake or real?) and Kim’s sex tape on his CNN show, but his tabloid assault didn’t lure much of an audience. The interview had tons of publicity before it aired, but the show got it’s lowest ratings yet. Morgan’s debut show with Oprah pulled in 2.1 million viewers and the Kardashians only had 498,000 viewers. Either the Kardashians are overexposed or the CNN audience just isn’t interested in reality stars. The Kardashians should probably stick to the E! channel where they are beloved.


  1. “it’s” lowest ratings = incorrect. It’s:


    Putting an apostrophe in there automatically creates an abbreviated for of IT IS.

    Please do not repeat this error.

  2. If the Kardashians are smart they will step back a little. They getting way over exposed. People are starting to find out how lucrative their Family Biz is and are tired of contributing to their GINORMOUS bank accounts.

    Famous 4 what again???

  3. I for one am completely over the whole Kardashian thing. Piers show is awful btw. Not a good choice by CNN.

  4. “Never trust a man with a 50-inch neck,” Mama used to say.

    Seems the American viewing audience agrees! 🙂

  5. Oh, and can there be little doubt that Piers is just warming the seat with his ample fanny until Keith Olbermann comes aboard?

  6. yikes, bite your lip. Olbermann is an overrated, self important, misogynist gas bag.

  7. I am so very tired of these ladies. Kim is just too slutty and annoying.

  8. LettucePrey….The incorrect use of its and it’s drives me mad; does no one have a modem of the smarts left.

    And, does anyone know how many exactly watch what shows. How do they know it is 498,000 vs maybe 497,100. Its all incredibly stupid. (oops I meant It’s, not its).

  9. I missed this show, but have been trying to watch his new show to check it out and give it a try. I fell for his wit on The Apprentice and was happy he won. he also is charming, honest (maybe for some, to a fault, but I find it refreshing), well-versed in current events and always has interesting questions and holds good conversation with his guests so far, getting info from them easily it seems.
    I don’t dig the trend to automatically bash every new thing. Piers has been around and paid his dues and is smart and quick witted which I love. He has also been the voice of reason on that horrible “America’s Got Talent”.

    PS: I love Olberman too, and he is NOT a misogynist. CNN would be smart to snap him up quickly, or HLN with Nancy Grace & Joy Behar.

  10. CNN should have kept Larry king and added Piers Morgan to the line up!

  11. Piers said the only person he wouldn’t have on his show would be Madonna. Does that mean Omarosa will be getting an invite?

  12. @Something New: I’ve heard “never trust a man with a gold tooth” but nothing about fat necks. What’s it a reference to? (Serious question.) BTW: I loathe and despise the Kardashian Klan. I actually find myself missing the good-old-days when Paris was on top, then I suddenly realize what I’m thinking and slap myself.

  13. I love you Janet but be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you. The Kardashian family makes regular appearances in your column for the same reason Piers booked them: they draw people in. CNN has no choice but to keep his show on the air despite low ratings. They have nothing else to put on.

  14. Did he ask them about Mama Rose-I mean Kris’s new “church”/tax dodge?

  15. One more Kardashian story.

    Beloved, not quite, except maybe by black men looking for ample booty in regular supply.

  16. The K girls weren’t the problem. They got ambushed by this idiot who promised Kris he wouldn’t ask certain things, then did. It only made him look like a brute and he’s already suffering for his disdain toward women. He’d be damned lucky to get an interview with Madonna, or anyone, for that matter. Piers Morgan is CNN’s single biggest mistake and they should cut their losses now. Soledad O’Brien was right there under their noses and they didn’t chose her. Now they should beg her to take over the timeslot before they have to close the channel entirely.

  17. Certainly not Soledad. He should just get away from the total celebrity whores and take a look at what Charlie Rose does.

  18. As in the many past times Janet has given us the subject of the Kardashians:

    In case someone again asks (for the umpteenth time ‘exactly what are their talents?’.

    My dears, we all should know by now what their talents are. Doesn’t take rocket science.

  19. Why would anyone want to interview them? To hear their take on the economy, the unrest in Egypt (yes I know the show aired previously) or the state of health care in the U.S. Oh no. The only opinion they could give is how to maintain their extensions and how to apply copious amounts of makeup. Oh, and Seriously? love the Mama Rose comment.

  20. I still don’t know the point of the Kardashians and why they are famous. They aren’t actors. They aren’t singers, dancers, commedians or have any talent, other than shopping, apparently. And yet, they have 45 shows on the E! network and are interviewed on CNN??? Good grief…

  21. Larry is down at the yid deli he visits every day, noshing with the boys. Time to retire anyway.

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