Iranian police have been shutting down toy stores that sell the forbidden icon of Western culture: Barbie dolls. The government fears little girls who play with the dolls won’t want to grow up and be marginalized and forced to wear head coverings. They’ll want to wear miniskirts and drive convertibles. Barbie has been banned since the mid 90’s and Iranians attempted to produce a modest knockoff doll draped in black, but – surprise – it didn’t sell. Those little girls want fashion, too. In spite of the crackdown, the dolls CAN still be found…
Photo via: TheDailyWhat



  1. Heard the Barbie beating, America hating Iranian soldier Faridin-Ken is just flying off the shelf.

  2. What is your obsession with the head coverings, didn’t we already cover this in previous threads. Every place does not have to be a cookie cutter of American culture.

  3. I think that the government is probably just trying to preserve their way of life. Agree or disagree. I don’t think it is because they are afraid they are going to want to be like Barbie when they grow up.

    My brother in law worked in Iran in the early 90’s and he said, that when the women got on the plane they were dressed in their traditional garb but as soon as they got off the ground, they all took turns to the bathroom and came out dressed like American women. Short skirts, high heels and such. He said you never would have guessed they were the same women. So there goes that theory.

  4. Discouraging little Basheeba to dress like Barbie is not a bad thing.
    Besides, where are they supposed to strap on the explosives belt if they’re wearing a chiffon evening gown

  5. Janet, it’s okay. At home, and under the heavy coverings the young women are wearing skin tight jeans, mini skirts, etc.
    Same goes for the men, they get to a western country, they drink like fish, and prefer that the women are not virgins. In there own country if no women, they’ll take a goat.

  6. Maybe women like that one above will start getting ideas too. What I don’t understand is how that stupid Burka (or whatever it is) thing ever got started in the first place, way back when! How any group of women could be talked into wearing those hideous stupid outfits. AGAIN…the nonsense done under the flag of “religion” boggles the mind, or at least mine.

  7. I don’t think there talked into wearing the burka, they’re told to wear the burka or else. It’s not God who says these things it’s sick and sad men telling people that their religion says this and it’s all them. Religion is man made, the spirit of God is in all men and women, not the shit that people throw out there that sicken people and make them hate anything to do with God.

  8. Sadly all these Middle Eastern Dictatorships being collapsed under the guise of “Freedom” are now being replaced by Radical Islamic Dictatorships…God help us all.

  9. oppression
    hatred and
    total disregard of women is par for the course in countries like these….. misogyny will never die. OBSCENE. and it’s got NOTHING to do with a DOLL that’s for sure…..inbred disgusting male culture.

  10. I wouldn’t get my own daughter a Barbie, but I guess it’s nice to have the option?

  11. Barbie is based on a whore and is used to sell sexuality to kids face facts people. At least one goverment has the sense to ban that crap. Its their country they have their own ways of life.

  12. All Muslims, will enter hell, the lake of fire, upon death. Their God Allah is not the God of the Bible. Allah’s prophet Muhammad’s grave is empty, this false god, this pedophile, who married and abused young children. There are no Saved Muslims, none whatsoever. They are all being decived and those turning to Christ are often killed. Oh yes, this is a peaceful religion. On 9/11, Arab TV stations were broadcasting Muslims in the streets screaming Allahu Akbar, thanking Allah for killing almost 3000 of us.

  13. You can’t be too secure in your faith if you think that a plastic doll can turn it on its head.

  14. Did the 4 Billion missing USA dollars get shoved in Barbie’s underpants? I WANT one!

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