We’ve been watching Jennifer Gimenez discipline the drug addicts on Sober House for WEEKS and never realized that she was once a fashion model! (Even though her skill with makeup was always apparent) Dr Drew is smart about getting models on his rehab shows because they add much needed visual relief. Argentinean Jennifer was discovered by Bruce Weber at the Santa Monica pier when she was 13, and started her modeling career at 14. Drugs nearly destroyed her and Dr Drew got her sober. She gained over a hundred pounds when she quit drugs, so she dropped modeling for drug counseling.


  1. Maybe you were not watching close enough? They have said this more than once.

  2. They told us that long ago. She is horrendous as the “house mother”, always cursing and screaming at the residents, or else getting too involved with them. Just awful and totally unprofessional.

  3. I think she does a great job, as well as can be expected from a bunch of losers like she gets stuck with who won’t cooperate with her or the rules of the house. They act like a bunch of spoiled babies! And that Kari Ann Peniche ought to be taken out and shot, she’s such a total loser and trouble maker to all the others. I can’t STAND her! She’s such a whore and skank!

  4. yep, there are no other options.

  5. She doesn’t have enough sobriety to be the house manager. She is way too involved with the residents. She seems incapable of looking at herself and is blaming chaos on the sickness of the house. She contributes tremendously to the sickness, and may be the sickest one of all. Not to say there’s no hope for her but she wasn’t ready for this position, more Drew’s fault than her’s however. She and all the other women need to stop the lip injections. Their faces look distorted and disturbing.

  6. I totally agree, the women all look like they have duck bills instead of lips, especially Heidi F.

  7. I cant believe they still have her working in that house she is beyond unprofessional. You don’t put someone that has major issues in a sober house she makes the recovering addicts want to jump off a bridge and I don’t blame them. Shame!!!

  8. I can’t believe that you do not have to have any type of license or be a professional of some sort to run a sober living house. I don’t think she sucks, I think she is untrained and human. Who wouldn’t lose their temper with these morons? Especially Mike and Kari Ann. Thank God she is gone.

  9. She has two of the most critical requirements: 1) she knows what it’s like and 2) she doesn’t let them write the rules themselves.

    When I was still watching the show, I saw the patients in for treatment swear at her and say that she swore at them, but I never once heard her swear at them. However, I stopped watching after they brought back the ever-manipulative and crap-creating Kari Ann Peniche, so something might have changed.

  10. Hi E, you can safely watch again because Kari Ann is no longer a part of the show. Jenn did lose it on Mike and call him some things that everyone watching was already thinking and nearly got fired for it. She still has her job though and they brought in Loesha (sp) to help her out.

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