Just when you start to think Jesus Luz is on his way OUT of Madonna’s inner circle, he pops up looking more entrenched than ever. There were rumors that Madonna was tiring of Jesus, and that she was setting him up with model agencies and jobs to keep him working and out of her hair. Apparently not. She took him on her concert tour of Europe and they were photographed enjoying a boat ride with her kids Mercy and David in Portofino, Italy, looking like a happy family.



  1. …And I’m pretty darned sure, too, that these two are definitely in love. The most sure thing is, however, that they will be together forever in the hereafter. And this is where all the sex perverts, money worshipping, weird’os, insane, devil-inspired fools go. Can you guess where this place would be?

  2. I’m gonna answer my own question: All that are involved in Kabbalah will not be going to heaven.

  3. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS, is that boy still alive, folks?

  4. Please this is photo setup!
    How desperate and tired this old woman is!

  5. This screams racism. No hats or sun protection for the kids, but fancy hats and sunglasses for Madonna and Geezus.

  6. Madonna’s getting more bizarre looking as the months go on.
    Why the hell didn’t she consult Demi Moore’s surgeon.
    She looks horrible now.

  7. Generation X, you are an ass. Shouldn’t you be flagellating yourself or reading that book instead of trolling gossip sites?

  8. Generation X is correct in my opinion. Kabbalah is a devil-inspired cult. And of course the comment about them being in love was facetious. Janet appears to have a lot of people on here who don’t understand about dangerous cults such as Kabbalah and Scientology.

  9. All organized religion is a version of a cult, Mama San. Whatever “religion” you partake in does not make you superior to Kabbalah, Scientology, whatever — it appears, though, to make you judgmental of others who don’t choose your group.

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