Kelly Osbourne can’t believe how her life has changed since she lost between 28 and 42 pounds. Not only does she have more fun shopping, but she’s been asked to model in fashion shows. The ultimate compliment came when Madonna asked her to replace Taylor Momsen as spokesperson for Madonna and Lourdes’s fashion collection Material Girl. Why Taylor Momsen, 17, now on “indefinite hiatus” from Gossip Girl, lost her job after less than five months is not known.


  1. wonderful news !!
    this gives stupendous hope and major incentive for all the overweight girls without famous rich parents living the high life in hollywood and the world over with tons of other rich contacts and acquaintances absolutely nothing to cheer about trust me…..
    fat or not it’s always the richest than are in NO NEED that make all the obscene money for basically nothing….look at Keith Richards two, shall we say, (to be kind) “unusual looking” skinny daughters now being paid shit loads of money for so called modeling and the rest of the rich kids with rich parents that are all of a sudden given designing contracts ( as his daughters also are) for crap to try to sell to the rest of us poor slobs who can’t afford it. NOT IMPRESSED one iota.

  2. That dress is not the least bit flattering. It does show off her small waist, but she needs a longer skirt to cover up the chubby muscular DWTS legs.

  3. She lost a lot of weight but she’s still odd looking somehow – broad shoulders, big piano legs and her head looks too big for her body.

  4. lol, wow.. rough crowd. I see someone who has turned their life around 180 reflected in her appearance. Night and day.

    I’m thinking Taylor was sidelined due to her bizarre and overly suggestive antics for a 16 year old.

  5. Way to go Miss O!!

    As for this Taylor Momsen chick…..I see her in rehab, real soon. She is 17 and is a slut and druggie. It can only go downhill from here. This girl has some MAJOR issues! Very sad because she is so talented and beautiful. What a waste.

  6. so…i’m hoping this means that Taylor M. is in rehab? or has that already been confirmed. Girlfriend needs some intervention…

  7. Her legs don’t match – the left is a muscle(?) and the other one not.

  8. congrats she lost weight and looks better now, but she is still ugly and awkward looking. not a model for sure and just ugly body period. no proportion to her physique.

  9. Overly-tattooed and 100% obnoxious. Even at 97lbs. she’d still be a FAT PIG.

    Oh, and nice earrings in Pic 2—”something nice” 🙂

  10. You guys are nuts:
    1) Your quad only engages when the leg is straight. That is why the muscle only shows on the straight leg.
    2) I love the black dress. Who is the designer, Janet? What kind of idiot thinks those are chubby legs or that muscular legs are unattractive?
    3) I am assuming that Madonna was not terribly comfortable with her daughter hanging out with Momsen. I hear she is a very strict mother.

  11. I’m on Kelly’s side all the way. She did great on DWTS and really tried hard and did well as losing weight (and keeping it off). She’s now on Fashion Police which is pretty entertaining. She can’t help the body shape she was born with, but her efforts are paying off for her and she’s staying off the drugs as well. I’m proud of her and happy for her success.

    As for all these so-called “clothing lines” where does it all go, and who would be interested in wearing it? I guess 12 year olds? The same ones that think Beiber is swoonable?

    That Momsen chick is another Lindsey Lohan. It seems the clones are coming faster and with much less time in between them nowadays. I have one thing to say to them all: Remember the extreme rise and fall of Britney Murphy, and go pick out your forever home now while you can still think at all.
    Skinny, colorless pale, meatless droopy bodies with listless eyes and and bones so sharply jutting out they look like they could stab someone are NOT attractive. But yeah, go throw up again, and remember that each and every time you do you are eroding your esophagus and taking the enamel off your teeth. THAT’S pretty!

  12. Momson has ZERO personality and looks like a crack whore. Kelly is adorable and quite stylish. She looks great and is a pretty girl. Love her!

  13. why is it I reckognise americans with the “Old Look”?
    (yep, those people look like shit)

  14. With all the weight lost she is stil ugly inside and out.Can’t stand this overprivileged brat.

  15. Not to pick on Kelly specifically, but how can a person have no hips, a miniscule waist, and chubby arms and legs? Is this natural? Or is it manufactured/surgical? All the parts don’t match. Odd.

  16. I Kelly still in talks to star in the long-awaited film adaptation of comic-book character “Little Lotta?”

  17. Kelly doesn’t treat her thyroid issue. She is promoting ill health.

  18. Tara: How do you know she has a thyroid issue?

    And to everyone remarking on her body:
    She was born with the shape she is, can’t do a thing about it anymore than those of you who aren’t perfect can. However she COULD and DID do something about her two main “issues” in life: abusing drugs, and being overweight. She’s clean now, (while still young by the way) and lost her weight and stopped losing before she turned into a skeleton. I think she’s terrific and a good role model for young women who feel pressured by society to be stick thin and wind up anorexic or dead. Kelly looks NORMAL now, good for her, and she’s funny and nice and sweet to boot. And she’s supporting herself and not relying on her rich parents. She doesn’t at all fit the stereotypical Hollywood spoiled brat born with gold spoons. I think she’s warm and approachable and not a snit dripping in thousands of diamonds and chains like all of the rap crap examples out there. This is a NORMAL young woman with a fun personality. Cut her some slack people.

  19. stfu RETA-RD kelly fits the perfect mold of spoiled rich brat with entertainment connections. if she was a baby born in the ghettos or some random midwest town, do you think her fat non celebrity ass would have even been on dancing with the stars. she is ugly and awkward and nothing you say will change our opinion. she is gross, I dont care how much weight she loses.

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