The subject of Larry King came up at dinner tonight and suddenly a light bulb lit up. Someone suggested that PERHAPS the Mormon sisters Shawn and Shannon have been in cahoots all the time and taking Larry for all he’s worth. That maybe Shannon seduced Larry into giving her all sorts of gifts and in turn he had to shower Shawn with gifts to make up for his guilt! Larry was happy having two pretty blondes at his disposal and the sisters were both well taken care of. Just an idea, but…..stranger things have happened.


  1. I couldn’t agree more. You aren’t the only one thinking in that direction. Old men are such idiots, and she probably figured he’d be dead by now. And you know the lawyer she sent him to was Mormon. Poor Larry. He never had a chance.


  3. Well, use some of that ill-gotten money to get nose jobs.

  4. Here the question you ask yourself, would you as a woman marry some old kicked in, been married 7 times, and can probably barely get it up guy? The answer is no unless he’s rich and you can suck all the money out of him.

  5. God know who’s right. And Larry knows this too. Whomever cheats him and takes off with his money. Well, you can bet they’ll have to pay for it in the end.

    I’m a big believer in that GOD will lead you into temptation, so as to check you out. After all nobody can get by him. NOBODY.

    So, what’s Larry to do – not dang thing, he’s just to sit back and watch them weave their magic or so they think that’s what they have. Probably going to get a case of some wicked clap in the future so we, shall see.

  6. Hmm- maybe these two women laid out a plan to blackmail him, thinking LK would settle big time on a divorce rather than let this go public. The BIG divorce settlement would then be shared between the sisters. Maybe they’ve been selling presents LK gave the sister and splitting the money.

    Great rolemodels for those two young boys.

  7. Shawn, Shannon, their attorney and their pussies seduced and financially raped this old geezer.

    Larry was gullable into believing these women and their attorney was on his side. Just goes to show you how rich horney old farts can be taken to the cleaners.

    Larry was triple teamed into transfering his wealth to people of questionable alleginace.

    Hasn’t he learned from past experience (6 divorces ). Guess he’s a SLOW LEARNER!

  8. Well, they do live in the land of Polygamy. I wouldn’t be surprised! (They have a house in Donny Ossmond’s neighborhood in Salt Lake City.)

  9. No prenup. Shawn was given anything she wants. She’s set for life. Why bother with your sister?

  10. Dumb Larry is a h@rny old geezer like his brother in arms “Sir” Paul MacCarthy… old goats such as they always get played, kinda like 16 year old girls who think that they’re playing the older guy but in reality… the playa always gets played these women did not have to plot to trap that moron.

  11. Sorry, but most men let the little head rule the big one, that’s the bottom line. These sisters are both trash.

  12. Gives the whole “sister wives” polygamy scam a whole new twist! God knows (better than anyone) that Mormons are notorious thieves!

  13. Ah, Janet does not read her comments. This is what I said when it was first posted about the divorce.

  14. If all three are happy with the arrangement, it’s nobody’s business but theirs.

  15. I wonder how much Viagra he has to eat on a weekly basis? Let alone to keep up with his many horny young women. Altho I’ve heard for years that he’s hung like a horse and that he had a long affair with Angie Dickinson back in the day and she raved about his prowess!

  16. Can their faces get stretched any tighter? Probably the tightest thing these two have going for them…….

  17. Oh come on!
    Nobody is that sick and twisted.
    She had TWO kids with him!

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