“Sex & the City 2” might not be the perfect movie (according to mostly male critics) but it might be the perfect movie for YOU! Round up your girlfriends for dinner and this movie and you will have a BLAST! Men simply don’t know how to have fun like this. It’s great seeing our four City girls again and not terrible – but GRATIFYING – to note that THEY are getting older too! We still share the same problems and lust for fashion and desire for FUN. The movie starts with an over the top and delightful gay wedding and finales with a rollicking and impossibly lavish trip to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. When Samantha is invited by an oil billionaire to visit his country he describes it as the “city of the future.” Maybe it LOOKS futuristic architecturally, but the religious society is dismally backward. Watch carefully- there are feminist messages galore in this film – from the gay wedding, to married life, to women’s equal rights. Keep in mind, the REAL city of Abu Dhabi is so uptight they refused to allow this movie to film there and they had to use Moroccan locations. Chances of this movie SHOWING in the Arab Emirates are slim also. We pity the women there who can’t have the fun WE can.


  1. I’m officially sick of these women and this movie. I enjoyed the show and they had to go ruin it with these nonsensical films.
    When did SJP start to get so annoying?

  2. You couldn’t pay me to go and see this, and none of my female friends have seen any of these movies either. They are mindless.

  3. I hate when Janet plugs movies. It’s obvious she gets paid to do it by the way it is written. I am a female and I prefer the Superbowl to this stupid crap.

  4. I don’t like any of these dresses, especially the pink one worn by witch-chin Kristen Davis. My aged Aunt Betsy had one just like this. It’s highly unflattering.

  5. Dragonfly, I certainly do not get paid to promote movies. I’m lucky to be able to see early screenings, often before the movies are released, and when I like them, I recommend them. I hate to see people waste money on bad movies. And it’s a shame to see good movies overlooked. I only write about movies I really like for some reason .. or perhaps really HATE! OK?

  6. What a joke the SATC franchise has become. I noticed that Candace Bushnell was at the premiere. Has she no artistic integrity. Her books are actually several cuts above chick lit, but her continued endorsement of the SATC phenom is ruining any chance of a decent literary reputation.

  7. …….those “WOMEN” must have a penis also.

  8. Girls ease up, this movie is total escapism, fun. The eye candy is delightful and the scenery is mesmerizing. As Samantha said, “We have to do something rich everything is so depressing now with this economy”.

    Thus the audience gets to escape as well and say ooooh and aaaah along with our aging co-horts when they step in the hotel shrine that costs 22000 dollar a night!

    So lighten up, kick back have blast and explore…..does everything have to be so serious?

  9. Put these dresses willy-nilly amongst others in a Goodwill Second-Hand store, come back in a month and they will still be there.

  10. I wanna see how much money this movie rakes in over the weekend. I expect it to be a bunch!
    I loved the tv show, but haven’t been happy with the way the movies have been taking the storyline. Still, its fun to see the girls doing promotions and out on the town.

  11. Loved the series. Loved the first movie. Am a little dismayed at the bad reviews the second movie is receiving. I will still go and see it because I love those characters and will just enjoy it for what it is. Relax folks, there are other things to get upset about, like the zillons of gallons of oil in the gulf that will create an environmental nightmare for years to come.

  12. I am a woman and you couldn’t pay me to sit through this bad imitation of a drag show. Not all women love this crap.

  13. Gee, “Sex and the City 2″…

    Too bad some of these ladies don’t have daughters who could be playing it up for the guys. I mean, these gals are looking kind of old and tired.

    Wonder how it take for a guy pick them up at a bar for a date, as compared to their daughters (if they had one).

  14. Sex and the City girls need to be turned into a National Lampoon series.

    Maybe do a road trip movie, where they drive to Florida and have some misfortunes along the way. (Something which will allow these ladies to meet up with country boys, bikers and truck drivers and soldiers.)

    Maybe do a international travel movie, where one wants to go see where their family originated from – maybe Moldova or Ukraine. Where they pile into a Lada and get lost and meet up with some russia mafia types.

  15. Sunseeds777, I believe the girls already made such a movie – To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. Oh… that wasn’t a SATC, was it?

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, you’re right! They DID already make that movie, and I’ll bet it was MUCH better than anything THESE four have come up with. Sorry, NOT interested…have never seen ONE episode of SATC…sounded like a colossal bore then and still does!

    By the way, the gal in the gold dress with the red hair, looks to be a few months pregnant! NOT too “sexy”!

  17. Reta…..I also have never watched SATC nor the movies. The last movie just being released got a 1/2 star rating in my newspaper.

    The red head is Cynthia Nixon. She is engaged to her girlfriend of 6 years and is planning to wed soon in one of the states that allows it. I know this only because all four gals were on “The View” yesterday for the entire show. Cynthia talked at length about marrying her partner and what they will wear. If she is knocked up, she must have visited a sperm bank. She did appear to have a stomach bump on The View.

  18. Yes, that’s her name, sorry, it had slipped my mind, not being a fan of theirs. I HAD read tho about her and her mate and she was quoted as saying her girlfriend was a “man with boobs” which I guess she then got flack for because she then had to go back and explain herself, and why she would say such an unflattering thing about her love. But they HAVE been together for quite a long while now, and in my opinion, the girlfriend DOES look like a man with boobs, very very LARGE boobs. She’s not attractive at all, for even a man OR a woman, but I guess in love, looks aren’t everything, huh? I’m sure she has other great qualities going for her and I wish them all the best. Just glad I like dudes myself!

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