Howard University caused quite a ruckus when they asked Sean “P Diddy” Combs to give the commencement speech this year. After all, Combs probably flunked out his sophomore year, but went on to incredible success. Howard won’t back down despite complaints, so Diddy will speak. Meanwhile Diddy’s son Justin Combs got a full football scholarship to UCLA, and he also had a 3.75 GPA when he started there last year. Justin takes after his football playing father and it’s a challenge because he is only 5’7”, but so far he’s doing okay and he’s become a valuable player.


  1. Who woulda guessed there was a couple of brains in a sperm.

  2. It’s too bad that P. Duddy is completely illiterate. Otherwise he could have actually contributed to Society

  3. oooooh no, NOT EVEN A MILLIONAIRE!!
    (mark these words)

  4. BTW Trixie, “Society”, in your context, is spelled with a lowercase s, not an upper, you illiterate slob, oh, and you also forgot your last period too. Not to bright are we ? are you Strom ? yup …

  5. Send him back to Africa together with many of his “brothers” and do this society a favor. Its an utopia, I know….

  6. Poor Alex, contributing nothing.

    Diddy has contributed kids and probably stds.

    Jlo was happy to disgrace herself and give up much backside to Diddy and other ghetto BLACKS in return for fame.

  7. @belladonna FYI “not very bright” would have been a better choice of phrasing but at the very least you should have used too not to. Also there is no space between the last word in a sentence and the punctuation mark (in your case the question mark). The a in are (2nd last sentence) should have been capitalized and you probably know now what you should have done with yup. But on the subject of Diddy, no comment.

  8. Xyz you are an idiot, all the white people who cry “send them back to Africa” you’ve got to be the stupidest people on earth. Take a flipping second to think about you horse toothed jacka$$

  9. Ha, they are not going back! No welfare there and they would have to work for their supper.

  10. Trixie, what makes you think he’s illiterate? I know there are idiots, not just on this blog; that think just because a person is black and involved in hip hop music, that they must be illiterate. Diddy was fortunate enough to go to private school as a kid, and get into a university. A lot of people of many other races don’t get that opportunity.

    The man has built himself up from nearly nothing into something yet your envy insists on trying to tear him down. I don’t quite think he’s a billionaire, those numbers are frequently exaggerated, but he has done very well for himself. He has not led a perfect life, but show me any zuckerburg, trump, slim or other wealthy individual who has.

  11. That’s right strom, they aren’t going back, and they will continue to get plenty of white, jlo and kardashian backside while they’re here. So basically forever. Get used to it, maybe even you will soon be giving them your flabby backside.

  12. Strom that’s all you got? I’m disappointed, I expected more from someone who talks a lot of trash on this blog.

  13. While he’s certainly rich, he’s nowhere near being a billionaire.
    He has licensed his name to products & those products have a billion in sales, but he just gets a tiny percentage of that, 2% at the most!

  14. The ghetto rappers like to show their class but they will always be ghetto and have made their money off selling to poor BLACKS who knew no better. A picture of BLACK Puffy with his meat up Jlo’s backside should hover over her each time she tries to appear famous or classy!

  15. I saw where he often has wild wild parties on his huge luxury yacht. good grief, he has to fight off the ‘ladies’.

  16. Billionaire?!?! I knew he had money, but nowhere near that.

  17. Not even close and every penny made from Obama phone BLACKS who make him rich while they drag down society. You can bet his support of Barack has made him immune to IRS scrutiny.

  18. Strom, your ignorant hatred is funny, pathetic and relentless all at the same time.

  19. He did those things to a 17 year old. he should be jailed

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