Scarlett Johansson, 26, hoped she wouldn’t be recognized when she picked up a few things at the Malibu supermarket yesterday. Her hair was stuffed under a hat and she dressed down in a baggy grey sweater and black jacket. She’s rumored to have moved into Sean Penn’s Malibu house or at the very least she’s spending all her time there. It looks like she planned to cook a healthy dinner for her 50 year old boyfriend, who is recently divorced just like she is.


  1. let’s be glad she is on a ‘Sinking Ship’, folks!!

  2. the whole thing is just… odd. guess he’s taking a well-deserved break from running a refugee camp in haiti? has he mellowed? sean was once known for his very violent temper — and that includes physical abuse of both of his former wives. some details about his treatment of madonna came up in valerie bertinelli’s memoir, because they were neighbors when she was married to sean.

  3. i hope she knows, if this is true, that this AIN’T gonna last, no way no how….. in that case, knock yourself out…..
    just be prepared for the inevitable !!
    or, is that even possible?

  4. Young dumb piece. As if he’d treat her any better than Madonna, Jewel, Robin Wright and the black model he dated he’s a tweaking cheater/beater.

  5. From Ryan Reynolds to Sean Penn. What is this girl thinking?

  6. Once the GollyWeird demons get inside your heard, you are a goner. And just when you thought you had heard everything about everything strange in Tinseltown, look at this. Maybe she just wants to do something extremely bizarre to keep her name out front.

  7. I bet she is preggo! He wouldn’t move her in so quickly, he’s an independent rat.

  8. Strom, whites get hammered 2. You should try that as well, you’re too uptight and getting paranoid about blacks.

  9. she traded way down from ryan reynolds.

    most women ( and more than a few men) would do ANYTHING for just a date with RR.

  10. He’s a cheater and hothead and living with him is making her fat unless she is knocked up. Don’t like either one of them.

  11. Ah who cares. She’s 26 single, young, fun, full of cum, why not fuck a star for minute and move on.

  12. Thinking about her with that ugly ass miserable little communist puke has forced me to remove her from my jack off list. Sorry Scarlett I won’t be able to bang you in my mind anymore. Oh my and I really have done some very dirty things to you so I will be looking to fill your spot very soon.

  13. zippy: LOL. I always knew she was a 100% bonafide whore and her latest shenanigan proves it. Plus, I can’t understand all the gushing over how good looking she is.

  14. She is also 100% bonafide nut. She dropped Ryan Reynolds to date that piece of work?

  15. The only one I can think of who’s eating this up is Penn. Ryan is totally off the hook to my mind in terms of responsibility for the marriage failing.

  16. Scarlett is rather gorgeous, and Sean is hot, and a very fine actor, and methinks neither has much going in the fidelity department.

  17. Sean Penn??? Who does he think he is, Henry VIII? The Boleyn girls are falling all over him! First the intelligent, beautiful Natalie Portman, and now Scarlett?

  18. @Strom

    It’s fascinating how much energy you put into being pathetic…

  19. Even hardened movie stars and all that are in the GollyWeird whirlwind of this type of life and have seen every kind of affair possible……they are shaking their heads at the pairing of Scar-Jo and Sean. Another case of musical chairs that stars play so well.

  20. It’s very obvious why Sean is with her. Sean enjoys getting rammed up the back side with a strap on and Scarlett has a very large collection of those. It’s a match made in heaven for the both of them!

  21. I forgot to add that Scarlett should get used to Sean putting out his cigarettes on her back side.

  22. This blind totally reminds me of her:

    “Well, we finally have an explanation as to why she keeps popping up with seemingly random celebrities. She doesn’t just want to be a famous actress. She wants to be taken seriously as an actress. Yes, folks, she’s aiming for Oscar gold! To that end, she thinks that the more Academy Award winners she kisses (at least four), sleeps with, attends parties for/with, etc., the more seriously people will take her. Girl, Oscars aren’t won by osmosis. If you want to be taken more seriously, dye your hair brown, put the twins away, and try doing more than one film a year. Oh, and try to avoid getting knocked up by men to whom you’re not married.”

  23. Lettuceprey, I read the same thing and thought it was her. I can’t think of anyone that matches up to everything but her. I had no idea she was such a slut.

  24. Actually, Frank….it is amazing that others are amazed! Hispanics and Asians certainly arent and have left the black race in their tracks, showing what a bit of personal responsibility might provide!

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