sjagg1scarcut.jpgScarlett Johansson dropped everything in Miami and flew to LA to attend Justin Timberlake’s big pre-Grammy party at Avalon. Few people realized she was AT the event because she was quietly smuggled in and escorted to a private opera box on the side of the stage. She didn’t mingle, and Justin was onstage performing for what seemed like HOURS. She reportedly left quietly before the show was over. Form your own conclusions.



  1. Face? What face? Is there a face attached to those beautiful “breastesses?”

  2. Maybe it’s just me but this girl is not attractive at all! In fact, i don’t know what the fascination is with her. She’s ugly!

  3. ya, I don’t get the attraction either. Anyway, what is the conclusion that we’re supposed to make from this article? Why is their relationship top secret?

  4. Who cares about the relationship.
    With those tits, she can rule the world!

  5. she left miami the day after the super bowl and flew to la how is that dropping everything to come and see him

  6. It’s so refreshing to find a girl who’s ducking the cameras instead of doing anything to get his picture in the tabloids. She’s a classy person. But I don’t know what she wants with Justin Timberlake. He’s just a cleaned-up Fex-Ex.

  7. TMT
    too much titty.
    she would look better in a dress or blouse that covered up a little more tastefully and beautifully.

  8. Another example of how the makeup artist is the most important person in Hollywood.

  9. She looks great – wonder if she’ll look all that hot in five to ten years from now?
    That’s the trouble with all these young starlets, their hot and sexy now. But in ten years we they bodies start to really grow, they’ll all be in competition with the new and young starlets.

  10. her hair looks like shit. it looks like theres clip on extensions of different colors of synthetic blonde doll hair woven up in there.
    if that really is her hair, her hairstylist/colorist should go back to grooming poodles at petsmart.

  11. the hairstylist / colorist that did her hair with the clips of multicolored blonde doll hair needs to return to his job at petsmart grooming poodles.

  12. At least she can act, and is not flashing her bare va-jay-jay at us like paris, kim or britney. Really, pick on someone who deserves it. PARIS IS A RACIST.PARIS HAS HERPES.PARIS IS A COKE HEAD. PARIS HATES MINORITIES. PARIS HATES POOR PEOPLE.

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