Lindsay Lohan continues to steal from anyone who’s nice to her, yet people keep giving her “another chance.” Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” series made a deal to redo Lindsay’s rented home and spend over $250,000 on the job, yet Lindsay failed to show up for the most important “reveal” episode. (Other participants generally pay for part of the expenses.) Designer Kathryn Ireland (above), who put in a lot of hours on the project, and Bravo execs were furious at the ungrateful actress. SO furious, that according to RadarOnline, they attempted to take back the furnishings, only to find that sneaky Lindsay had ALREADY emptied the house and shipped everything to storage in a secret location! Cash-strapped Lindsay will probably try to sell it on eBay (along with who-knows-what-else she has absconded with.)



  1. It takes a scam artist (Bravo) to know a scam artist. Bravo got what they deserved.

  2. i wish she would lay off all her plastic surgery! I am tired of seeing her blown up face everywhere.

  3. wow-you are calling lindsey a thief because you have the FACTS from where? you have proof she emptied the house, proof she rented a storage locker and proof the furniture is there? didnt think so.

    gossip is one thing,but, forwarding stories that are based of hearsay is just wrong. I read radar and they have been wrong so many times along with lots of sites.

    calling people a criminal or blaming them for stealing is pretty serious and one would hope you have FACTS to prove your story?
    we all the assume- a you make an ASS out of U and ME.

  4. When are people going to learn not to have anything to do with that hot mess?!

  5. Radar On Line is reporting Miss Sticky Fingers lifted a bracelet given by La Liz to her nurse while making the dreadful Liz and Dick.

    Linds denied stealing it but then it was returned by one of Sticky’s people.


  6. Is that one of those fake nose and glasses things on Kathryn Ireland?

  7. Why anyone would still have any dealings with her is beyond me. She belongs in prison.

  8. What Palermo said. I think she should be in jail for nicking that baby stroller and driving off, dumb bitch. I wish the parents had pressed charges. I can’t stand any of this horrible clan. I’d like to to see the lohans & kartrashians all on their own island, away from the rest of us. No, wait! They’d make it another reality show! Horrible fake people a la Survivor! Never mind!

  9. sean, your comment is ridiculous. Plenty of people (lots of designers) whom lohan has stolen from have come out and said that she stole from them. She is currently on probation for stealing a gold and diamond necklace from a jewelry store, in case you’ve been living in a cave the past few years.

  10. Lindsay Lohan is so clapped out . Who, in their right mind, would spend time/ give money to this absolutely train wrecked woman? Her father trashes her at every opportunity and her mother lives off her like a leech … at every opportunity…. all this hurt for someone who may have had some talent at one. time , but who now is just a shadow on a wall.

  11. georgie
    im talking about this situation
    again you ASSUMED I am living in a cave.
    lindsay has one charge against her does give everyone they right to call her a thief?
    so you believe everything you read? didnt the whole country say that KK and KW bought an 11,000,000 house and for first 24 hours the picture was wrong house.
    again until you have facts keep your pie hole shut!
    what actually happened and what is reported is usually very different!I remember every paper in the world saying M Jackson was a child molester? after his trial and death we found out lots of people lied and he Never molested anyone.
    again shut your pie hole unless have facts
    i dont live under a cave i live under a rock!

  12. georgie
    the original charge was a felony – it was then reduced to a misdemeanor. the final charge was violation of probation.
    maybe she didnt steal the necklace-the judge must of thought so or she would not of reduced the charges

    what are you living under a cave?

  13. I saw the show.. I was not impressed at all with the decor with the exception of the bed. Everything else was very cheap looking… aka Pottery Barn for Kid. How Lohan keeps getting jobs and money is unbelievable..

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