This is a nearly perfect celebrity disguise. We says “nearly” because one extra alert paparazzi DID notice that this is a famous person. Sarah Silverman is wearing what looks like auto mechanic coveralls, a cap and sunglasses. No designer handbag. No overdone makeup or long ringlets. Most of her best features are disguised and you wouldn’t give her a second glance in the East Village. And that’s the way she likes it. Celebrities CAN have privacy if they really try!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. I’m desperate. Even Jew girls won’t have anything to do with me. I thought they were the last on the list. How wrong I was. No one will have anything to do with me. Even the night crew at the facility avoid me, and they’re all immigrants.

    I put my fingers in my ears and hum, and still I exist. : (

  2. That is like asking who the Strom imposter is….it’s a nobody!

  3. She’s a frickin lying kunt. Her lies about the comedy club owner who she claimed paid her less than a male comedian the same night was a bald face lie by her. What Sarah the kunt failed to mention was that she wasn’t scheduled to perform and begged the owner to put her on. He said he would but that she’d only get $10 as that was the case for any unscheduled performer regardless of gender. So why did sarah the liberal kunt lie? Because that is what liberals do, they lie.

  4. Tiny brain imposter…..short on spelling skills and short on ideas!

  5. This is the future look for all the Greenies and Diversity enablers…..The Pied Piper and little Bob are all in for it!

  6. try to stay on topic Strom, this is an entertainment blog, your private obsessions should remain just that … please

  7. Poor little Sharona Silverman….the imposters seem to target Strom for his success and intelligence rather than commenting on the thread.

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