We don’t know how Jimmy Kimmel feels about it, but Sarah Silverman’s definitely got a new man – and they’re traveling together. (Above they’re checking in at LAX.) Sarah and Alec Sulkin, actor, producer, and writer on “Family Guy,” are out in the open with their relationship. Sarah got what she wanted – a man who can make her laugh, and laughs at HER jokes too.


  1. the guy’s from th u.s. are beyond the most tricky ones on this globe.

  2. IMHO, Alec is way handsomer than she is pretty. Can she hang on to him? She is a total certified nut-case and Jimmy should be glad he’s away from her.

  3. if sarah fixed herself up more, she would look okay. janet, where are my keanu pics?

  4. This awful vile low class woman. In my days a woman would never ever leave her house looking like dried snot. She is common low life trash.

  5. Damn, that is some color hair: so black it is blue/black. Is the color real?

  6. i watched her show once, thought it was childish and not funny.

    big family guy fan though!

  7. Silverman is cute (still looks like a teenager) and funny as hell. Love her, and wish her every happiness. Never could understand what she saw in doughy lump that was Jimmy Kimmel.

  8. Sarah is the best! She is funny, beautiful, sexy and smart….I don’t get all the negative comments. They are both amazingly funny and I thnk they are great looking together and I hope they stay happy for years and years.

  9. This man has written something that other people really like and enjoy and He give pleasure to familys but the show is boring to me and I Have never spent more then 10 minutes over all watching the show and There is something lacking for me and it is just me and lets face the facts millions of people like it and that is the only thing that matters.!!! The millions all over the world.

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