Sarah Jessica Parker must have found herself with time on her hands because she started thinking about shoes. Her Sex & The City character Carrie was obsessed with ridiculously expensive Manolo Blahnik footwear and she pranced around in hundreds of pairs during the course of the show. Not long ago Sarah got the urge to design a collection and when she approached the Manolo company they jumped at the chance to work with her. What’s makes Sarah’s SJP line different from the usual Manolos is the price ($195 to $485) and the fact that they are COMFORTABLE. Sarah told O Magazine that the sexy but functional shoes will be made in Italy and the collection will debut February 28.

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  1. All I see is she’s a stalker and clingy once she latches onto you.. with great jealous tension she struggles to keep her family topsy-turvy, vying to please her with critical competition.. suffering to have children via surrogate.. how great was that.. she has to be number one.. the boss, overwhelmingly creative more famous, generous, richer and popular than her husband or children so if he dumps her and moves out to enjoy what is left of his sad life he loses a lot., and will rejected by the world for destroying her dreams of happy home perfection.. NOT.. we pity him..

  2. Of course she’s had a large number of shoes.

    When hers wear out, off she goes to the farrier to get herself reshoed!

  3. It’s just hype,,,she is no more a designer of this line than Jlo is for Kohl’s or the Kardashians are for their “collection”. Their name is being used for $$$$ just like Jessica Simpson and no legit manufacturer would turn over their design function to an airhead celebrity.

    The people that buy this junk should understand the cost to make one of those shoes is no more than $12 and they pay hundreds…what a joke!

  4. Wow, what a lot of hate out there(but you are funny bob)Pretty shoes but a bit spendy for most.

  5. Women are crazy to pay prices like that for shoes! And I don’t believe for a minute that all these celebrities really design all this crap themselves!

  6. I agree Kitty, I like shoes too but that does NOT make me a designer. Give me a break

  7. The day I pay $200 and up for one pair of ordinary looking shoes is the day Oprah gives up her Spanx.

    @BOB, Neigh Neigh, uh, I meant No No. You need to Reign in your comments. Just kidding….hilarious.

  8. Flats without arch support are not comfortable, and neither are 3 inch heels.

  9. $195.00 for a pair of shoe. Wow, what a deal!

    If she thinks that’s what ordinary people can afford, then she’s nuts.

  10. After I posted it, I was afraid people wouldn’t know what a farrier is & should’ve called them blacksmiths.

  11. @Bob….Blacksmith/farrier…only if you’re speaking English English …but delicious nontheless.

  12. @Bob….Blacksmith/farrier…only if you’re speaking English English …but delicious nontheless.

  13. Very funny, Strom.
    It would be safe to assume that Sarah is much more `stable` than you are, though.

  14. She is used to being ridden quite often it seems…no reports of it by jockeys of color, however.

  15. I would not want to be married to Matthew Broderick, who is a closet GAY.

  16. Those shoes were ugly and it doesn’t look like this line is any better. I thought the Big O only wore Louboutins? How 90’s of SJP to sell Manolos.

  17. To repeat: She is used to being ridden quite often it seems…no reports of it by jockeys of color, however. No reports of any of the riders being bull dykes, either.

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