asantinocut.jpgYou see the most interesting people at Barneys in Beverly Hills on the first day of final markdowns. Santino Rice, one of our all time favorite losers on Project Runway, searched the men’s designer department for bargains. The lanky reality star was wearing white super-skinny jeans, a white blazer, white leather shoes, and a white hat over a black and white bandanna. He was particularly interested in the Alexander McQueen sale items and rummaged the rack from end to end.


  1. Is this guy a fruit cake? Some say he is, I know he likes to be vague, but I’m curious

  2. Where is Andre? Make it work! I LOVE Project Runway, and Santino’s imitation of Tim Gunn were perfect (and very funny)

  3. Frantially and almost out of time.. he knew he had find nice clothing to spice up with frills, lace and slogans for Prince or he’d lose his job..

  4. Rummaged is right! Mr. Rice and a male friend were in our shop for the better part of an hour recently, making a stack of merch, then left – surprise -without purchasing a single thing… One would think he would learn to amortise his time a bit better, assuming he has any room left on his credit cards!

  5. I work at Barneys New York and this is a false story and a straight up lie. Santino is and has been a great customer. Mr. Rice is always very respectful and friendly. I’ve never seen this site before but I saw that Barneys was mentioned and I have to respond. This story is very inaccurate. Stop spreading lies about famous people and keep Barneys out of it!

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