We were really annoyed by those rumors about Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz being MORE than just friends simply because they like to hang out together. Hey, they’re not gay, they’re FRIENDS! And apparently Salma is really a standup girl and loyal to people she cares about. Salma has been tirelessly campaigning and verbally supporting both Penelope and another friend –Adrianna Barraza– to get them award show recognition, and hopefully Oscar nominations. Salma feels that Penelope’s role in Volver and Adrianna’s supporting role in Babel both deserve Hollywood’s attention and she promotes them at every opportunity. Not many actresses go to bat for other actresses like that.


  1. They are both absolutely gorgeous! I am not easily impressed with the celebrity crowd – but these two LOOK like stars. Now – why can’t we read more about people like this rather than trashy chicks whose only talent is partying in front of cameras.

  2. I have to agree w/ 12:16 and add this. Gayle and Oprah. Penelope and Salma. My best girlfriend and me. Closer than sisters. And that’s it. Beyond friends with a love that transcends the norm, but nothing sexual. I feel sad for men and women who never find that friend. I’m lucky. Got it twice with my husband and my chica.

  3. It would be nice if they could master the english language– ya think???

  4. Loved Cruz in Volver. I enjoy her work in Spanish more than in English. She is worthy of an Oscar. Hope she wins!

  5. Selma has had believable relationships with men. Or one that I can think of anyway. Edward Norton. Penelope has been a professional beard. Has she ever had a real relationship with a man? Maybe that’s where the gay rumors come from.

  6. I agree completely with anonymous ( comment before mine). I think Penelope is a professional beard. That’s why the rumors are swirling. I also agree with the others- please take some diction lessons ladies if you are going to be making films in English.

  7. As a voting member of the Las Vegas Film Critics Society, I voted for Adrianna in the Best Supporting category. She was fantastic!

  8. Salma Hayek is great there’s not an insecure bone in her body.

  9. … and so what if they were! Who cares what two consenting adults, whom most people don’t know personally, do in their pursuit of happiness? More importantly, when are more good films by these two (separately or together) coming out?!

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