The holidays are here and we feel obligated to warn hosts inviting Sacha Baron Cohen to Hanukkah festivities that the Borat star is very particular. Cohen has a lot to celebrate because an LA judge just refused to halt the DVD release of Borat because of the college boys lawsuit against him. Back when Sasha was better known as Ali G, he was invited to a Jewish holiday meal and the day before the dinner, Cohen interrogated the host about the food. The actor needed to establish that the food would be absolutely kosher and he asked many questions including what kind of plates the edibles would be served on. The host admitted a few of the dishes weren’t strictly kosher and Cohen thanked him and chose to eat elsewhere. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy who wears a day-glo thong.

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  1. I see another Jim Carey-Martin Lawrence breakdown in this man’s future.

  2. He’s just simply trying to keep Kosher. Not all Jews observe the same restrictions. What’s the big deal?

  3. What is this? Pick’n’mix religion? If it makes money wear a thong, but find a polite way to excuse yourself if you don’t like the food being cooked by someone inviting you to dinner.

  4. Excuse me, but wearing a thong has nothing to do with being an observant Jew. Judaism is very flexible and one can be a Conservative Jew and keep strictly kosher while also doing other things.
    If one wants to be so strict where wearing a thing on public is a no-no, then they would be an Orthodox Jew.

  5. How in the Wide, Wide, World of Sports can this item be even remotely considered gossip or even entertaining!!
    Janet, get a job!

  6. He (explotatively) makes fun of others but his own beliefs are sacrosect.
    This guy is boring and predictable.

  7. That sounds pretty fishy. He’s certainly known to eat out at regular restaurants in the UK and America. He’s kosher but there’s never been indications that he’s nuts about it. Where did this tale come from?

  8. 10.02 I totally agree with you. I am sick of the way we pander to all the minorities. If we are to be equal then accept the day to day life and stop expecting special treatment.

  9. I hate eating at strangers places too. Except Hawaii and Southern California.
    This guy is the bomb!!

  10. Sacha Baron Cohen is hardly out of control, or destined for a breakdown.
    On the contrary, he is teaching us all a lesson regarding our own idiotic prejudices.
    He will ultimately be seen as a hero of our times, in spite of our dumbed-down society.
    He is genuinely for real.
    Borat is our wake-up call.

  11. Sorry Anonymous 11.50am. Without punctuation I don’t quite understand your ‘written English’. Which are you fool does not make sense. Also, is it not bad manners to speak to someone and not disclose your identity?

  12. If you had done ANY research Janet, you would know that Sacha claims that he wrote his Cambridge (PhD) thesis on Jewish involvement in the American Civil Rights movement and one would conclue that he takes his beliefs seriously.
    Or does your job just involve regurgitating infomations with no interlectual filter?
    Geetz 3.55pm
    Re: Body Hair…. “For Borat, Sacha takes about 6 weeks to grow body, head and facial hair. For Ali G., the facial hair takes about 4 weeks to grow. When preparing for Bruno, he shaves all of his hair (including body hair) and works out and cleans his body vigorously.”

  13. Happy Hanukah to all and to all a good night.
    I love Sacha and while he may not be 100% kosher and shomer shabbat–as he is portrayed in articles–he’s 100% more sincere and enthusiastic about his faith than most so-called Jews. That’s refreshing!

  14. He’s an Orthodox Jew! Of course he’s concerned. And everyone knows about the separate plates, food, etc. How would they?
    How many of you know an Orthodox Jew compared to all the Reformed Jews eating all the garbage around? You see these Jews & people get the impression they’ll eat anything & everything.
    Education is needed what to feed Orthodox Jews, just like having someone who is diabetic. You have to know someone in order to understand what to feed them.
    Me, I am Kosher, but I’m not Orthodox, more in the middle & I find it difficult because I don’t eat pork. People just take it for granted because of how I look. When I tell them I”m Kosher, they are stunned into silence.
    I do understand his plight!

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