Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough have quietly brought their relationship to the next level. In June, Ryan met Julianne’s parents and family at her sister’s birthday party in their hometown Nashville. Now Julianne happens to be filming “Footloose” in Atlanta, and she went out to dinner with Ryan’s parents Connie and Gary who live there. Ryan was back in LA working when Julianne and the senior Seacrests dined on cod and asparagus at Bistro Niko. This parental involvement is a good sign that the romance might last awhile.

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  1. There is something about Ryan that is so repulsive. He is just unappealing, and I really can’t say why. Just looking at him is difficult. I don’t care how successful or how much $$ he has.

    Julianne has bragged that she is a Mormon and pure as the new driven snow. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Slut

  2. But, as they say, I guess opposites do attract: For instance, he has a very square jaw line, and she has a long sharp pointed chip, a la Reese Witherspoon.

    And, a 15 year difference between them. If this lust, uh, I mean love, lasts for the long term, it will be very surprising. She is just starting to feel her oats, and he is longing to find someone who can stand him for the long haul. (oh, I know I’m mean).

  3. Aren’t Mormons supposed to have strict rules regarding pre-marital sex, drinking, drugs. Guess she is just too too pretty to be a strict Mormon, so maybe they will kick her out of the church, along with her brother, who has lived with 2 women so far.

  4. Ummm, clearly one of their publicists provided this information. They dined on cod and asparagus? Great job with the details. This is a fake relationship. He wants to convince people he is straight. She wants to be famous. Equal opportunity show business relationship.

  5. What is the next level? When Ryan introduces her to the men HE is sleeping with? LOL!!!!

  6. Indy I know what you mean RE Ryan’s looks. There is something plastic and strained about his face. The only other person I can think of who had the same quality was Tony Randall.

    I thought Randall was a good actor, and a great personality, and could see that in theory he was a handsome guy, but there was something just not right in the face, and it made one dislike him on some level. Perhaps that was why he never made it as a leading man in the movies.

  7. when will he give lace bass a BLOWJOB, folks?
    (the next level?)

  8. I have never been able to stand Ryan. When He first came on the scene on Idol there was another guy too helping him host and I liked that guy much more. They should have kept HIM and ditched the self centered Ryan who seems to think the show revolves around HIM. I used to detest the way he would tease Simon. Simon was the only thing watchable on that whole show, that and the first shows where they show the failures and the mind numingly deluded “singers” in all their horrible glory. That’s the best.

    As for these two as a couple, I don’t think it will last, he is way too old for her, and she’s too talented and young and fresh for him. Remember too, she was engaged too not too long ago to a young handsome dancer. So, I doubt she could already be serious about HIM.

  9. This doesn’t make sense: When you have dinner to meet the partner’s parents, it’s with the partner, and Ryan was on the other coast?

  10. Having lived in Salt Lake City for 17 years, alot of the stuff is talk not the walk. But I think Ryan is pretty please with this gal and she is hot.

  11. the other guy who hosted with ryan, burned bridges in hwood. so the door was shut in his face. permanently. he tried to get some failed reality show off the ground to trash ryan and his idol experience, but it was an epic fail.


    i don’t blame julianne for the bearding. in this economy it’s tough out there and dwts won’t last forever! hell, i would do it and with no shame.

  12. somebody is pushing a DILDO in his anus.(the smile?)

  13. Ryan should be cursed for unleashing the Kardashians upon us. The entire E network seems to be little more than a showcase for those pointless bimbos with a very welcome half hourper week with Joel McHale.

  14. Brian Dunkleman was the other co-host on American Idol in the 2002 season.

  15. right, that is so funny and true. Being a Beard is not a profession, it is a vocation!

  16. I too think this is another Clooney/bearding couple. And I’m starting to think that about Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar whatshername too. When they stay together for too many years and never marry it’s very suspicious. Tom/Kate and John/Kelly are two who actually married but it’s fake.

  17. ^^^not always the case. regular folks live together and never marry. i think leo is bisexual but VERY IMMATURE.

  18. Palermo, we are of the same mind RE this. There is just a standard pattern to relationships, and one cannot help be suspicious when a “relationship” deviates and/or when someone’s activities seem so PR-driven.

    I believe a straight man would want to get married rather than live with a woman for 10-plus years, for example. And Clooney with his endless series of medium-length relationships with beautiful regular women rings too many bells.

    I can hear some women saying “well, he is a serial monogamist!” Ladies, that is a female fantasy – there is no such thing as a heterosexual male serial monogamist. Stop watching Sex and the City – that crap is rotting your brains.

  19. This man is repulsive and is out. This is worse than Speidi. What a farce.

  20. i think that ryan and julieanne look great together and they will probably get married..she is just right for him and vice versa..showbusiness is hard today regardless of what you think or know..kudo for ryan and julieanne.

  21. Well it is good that this couple is getting to know each other and just hanging out with friends and family and love ones and having a wonderful dinner to see what each other likes is another great reason to talk and spend time together but in life…There is always some one who wants to have a relationship with the right person and just get to know each other better and I think it is great.

  22. There both blessed to have parent and are seeing each other familys and get to know each other better and spending time with there families is great and really hope this relationship works but in life you have to role the dice and see where things stand and really just take one day at a time but trust is a factor and love of family is key to a good relationship but really nice to see how happy they are and wonder what is going on for the future?

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