Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish are still a very hot item. They dined at Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen in Century City Sunday night and were consistently low-key. Abbie, who costarred in Stop-Loss with Ryan, was rumored to be the reason his wife Reese Witherspoon filed for divorce. Both wore hats to the restaurant and Australian Abbie seemed to think it was winter – she wore a fur lined white trench coat. Which of course inflamed pregnancy speculation. They shared a cozy corner table. According to our witness “She smiles a lot more than he does.” But when they left hand in hand, the pair immediately fired up cigarettes, so we doubt if she’s expecting.


  1. He’ll cheat on you just like he did his wife, honey. Don’t think you’ve got something special with that dorkwad, he’ll leave you and your kids just as he fucked up with Reece.

  2. can the reese fans give it a rest please seriously all Hollywood marriages breakup don’t take it so personally.

  3. Cheaters cheat, rarely do they change. Reese, of the strange long and sharp pointed chin, should be glad to get rid of Ryan. Still, I can’t see her married to Jake Gyllenhaal, almost certainly a faggot.

  4. once a cheat, always a cheat. hoard the money, abby, your turn to get dumped is coming

  5. Come on, all of you fire-and-brimstone types, rip a new AH for Abbie Cornish the way you do with Angelina J.! Let’s also not forget Julia Roberts, Melanie Griffith, Penelope Cruz, Rita Wilson, and scores of other “HOMEWRECKERS” out there (you all have Sienna M. covered)! And be sure to let the married men off the hook. Cheating on your wife isn’t nearly the crime that sleeping with a married man is.

  6. Cornish was a piece of wood in her “breakout” role in “Somersault” that everyone gushed about
    she slept-walked thru that whole movie

  7. Gyllenhaal is being bearded by Witherspoon, all of Hollywood knows this as he was caught cruising parking lots in weho many times. As for Phillipe, he has a penchant for hooking up with waitresses and hos and will never be faithful to anyone.

  8. If he has such a penchant why can’t the gossip rags find one woman he has slept with? If what you say is true it shouldn’t be so hard but they can’t find one. Time to admit you’re wrong Reese fan?? You post this everywhere you can. Do you work for Reese?

  9. She’s bigger then him; not pretty as Reese; she’s got huge moles all over her face…..skank

  10. She looks almost mentally unstable, you know, a bunny boiler. As my mom once said, “When a man dumps his wife for his mistress, he creates a job vacancy for a mistress.” But these homewreckers are so incredibly vain that they think it was their very own special allure that got him away from his wife and that nobody can take him away from them. Ha ha. So vain!!!!!

  11. Gyllenhaal is being bearded by Witherspoon
    Witherspoon is not the bearding type..
    Bet they marry soon.

  12. Ryan, Reese, and Abbie (imho) are not good-looking. In fact, rather common-looking. Reese has the deformed chin, which is the thing you notice first.

  13. Ryan is a rotten cheater, which makes him not good-looking. Yes, rotten on the inside. The world knows it by now, even shabby Abbie, but she doesn’t care.

  14. “she wore a fur lined white trench coat”
    I doubt it… she’s an animal lover.
    by the way, the haters need to SHUT UP ! and get over the whole cheating thing.

  15. Ryan ass raped his bf about 4 months ago,
    What are you smoking? LOL

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