Rumer Willis, 26, is having way more fun as a blonde. She’s looked pretty chummy with this new guy as they left Chateau Marmont together last night. Rumor made several B movies over the past year and she has a series pilot, Los Feliz 90027 on TV this month. All in all, she HAS been making a living as an actress, and that isn’t easy.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. I’m not necessarily a fan of hers, but it is nice to see her looking happy after being bullied by that dreadful gossip blogger, Perrot Hilston. His blog is on life support (if it’s even still around). He ought to take a look in the mirror before he mocks the looks of others.

  2. Does anyone know if Rumer had surgery to bring in her chin? I think she’s looking nice these days.

  3. It certainly is hard to make it as an actor. But it can’t hurt if mom and dad are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore!

  4. I think her jawbone has not been shaved down but looks like she’s lost weight! That lantern jaw is very English looking like Lady Diana’s big nose, it’s classy to leave it alone!

  5. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the jawbone thing. But what about that schnoz? Looks like it curves to the left.

  6. Her schnoz gives her character, maybe she can have a long career as a character actress! Luckily since she’s Hollywood royalty she can get cast “as is” just like dumpy Kelly O!

  7. If I was Demi, I would be pissed that all my kids were butt ugly!

  8. Of course she has had her chin and jawline worked on. Just Google it….there are before and after pictures. Now the nose needs tweeking. lol

  9. yah but by the time these neurotic broads like Courtney Love get their schnozzes tweeked right they’re too old and prozaked out for anyone to want to schtupp anyhow. They should embrace self love and run out of tinsletown as fast as they can before they end up like Patty Valley of the Dolls, a used up teary mess on the boulevard, sob!

  10. As Kelly O felll to the ground screaming and sobbing when Joan Rivers unexpectedly died, the BS meter went off grid.

  11. @Daggers Ok, I Googled it. Yes, clearly Rumer has had work done on her chin…explaining why she’s looking more attractive these days. Some photos show breast enhancement as well.

  12. oh yah, just googled it, she DID have it shaved! I didn’t realize just how big it was before.

  13. Demi is no prize….she has no neck and is very mannish looking, especially when not made up. Way overrated.

  14. I think Rumer had her lips plumped up, too, recently, to help balance the monster jaw.

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