Does anybody else find the notion of Rockstar Supernova host Brooke Burke disguised as a rocker chick absolutely absurd? The former Wild On…” host is a real looker, but she seems WAY more at home in a bikini than black leather. You can take a Victoria’s Secret lingerie model who was married to a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and dress her in some Hollywood stylist’s idea of what a rocker looks like, but she’ll NEVER be convincing! Even SHE looks embarrassed by the brand-new leather wristbands, corny chains and crosses and most of all -the skull and crossbones on her head! By the way, girls attending the Rockstar shows who want good seats might be advised to wear sexy outfits. Before the show starts, producers sift through the crowd and grab busty girls with low cut tops and bring them to the front row. They want more young male viewers.


15 thoughts on “ROCK N' RIDICULOUS

  1. My husband, 2 teenage sons and I have been watching RockStar Supernova from the beginning and we all agree that Brooke is a mediocre host at best. Her voice is so monotone that she’s BORING. It doesn’t matter what she wears because we simply want her off the stage so we can view the contestants and most importantly Dave, Gilby, Jason and T-Lee!!! So, why is Brooke hosting? Isn’t she pregnant? It would make better sense to have Pamela, Tommy’s ex, be the host next year. Now that would be ROCK N ROLL!

  2. Since when did Brooke Burke pose alongside Naomi and Giselle in a Victoria Secrets catalogue or strut the catwalk in the fashion show? Brooke, I think youre bugging

  3. Brook is beautiful and can wear any disguise she wants and still look fantastic. She’s a great host and if she wants to dress like a rocker chick, that’s her privilege. She brings class to Supernova.

  4. Of course she looks ridiculous & embarassed wearing crosses!
    She’s Jewish!!!

  5. I believe she is a former fredricks of hollywood model. Never a VS girl, too plastic.

  6. The girl needs to keep her mouth shut and keep posing in bikinis. That’s all she’s good for.

  7. I remember her stint as host for Wild On.
    She’s a pretty girl, but she possess no chemistry or camara presense.
    Burns used to pose for some wacky swimwear comnpany that manufactured tacky looking bikinis with patterns like the flag of the USA on ’em.
    I forget the name of the company but the above poster is right, she weren’t no Victoria Secret gal and she ain’t runway material- as pretty as she is.

  8. I think she is extremely lucky to have a job on network T.V. given her high-pitched monotone voice.
    I’m sure she wears whatever
    they want her to without a word…but what if she really likes the clothes??

  9. her pregnancy is starting to show. they better hurry and do one of those double eliminations again.

  10. Brooke also is a quarter Portuguese, quarter French and quarter Irish. All of which are heavily Catholic/Christian countries. She has as much of a right to give props to the cross as the star of David. Besides, who the hell cares about what she wears around her neck. The idea is to look at what little she is wearing . She’s a nice and pleasant distraction from watching hairy, greasy rockers. Well, for us guys at least. I know the ladies like watching the boys. lol Brooke Burke = yum!

  11. Too bad the show is ending soon… I would have been cool to see what they would have done with a huge pregnant stomach! I wonder what the rock-chick look is for that nowadays??

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