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MONEY. We’re hearing that every move Rihanna and Chris Brown make is being carefully orchestrated by their handlers to minimize the damage to both their careers. They don’t want to lose lucrative contracts now or in the future. According to an insider, Chris and Rihanna are back together because it weakens the case against him. They are both doing EXACTLY as they are told because so much money is at stake. EVERY news leak or photo is actually carefully planned at this point. Interestingly, the insider is uncertain whether the pair will continue their romance after all this blows over.



  1. Then she doesn’t need nor want any help so we should butt out and mind our own business.

  2. Well, when money becomes more important than your safety, well-being and reputation, they get what they deserve.
    No wonder her dad is beside himself. Seems like the “business” doesn’t care about people at all.
    She’s not a person to them – she’s money in the bank. It’s totally disgusting.

  3. Like I said, violence helps make you money. Next time he should use a knife on her and it should net him a few more million in his bank account. As for her, she’s just another dumb black girl. It’s why I stopped dating black women. They are money grubbing skanks who won’t put out unless you buy them some grape soda and press on nails.

  4. Time to boycott anything Rhianna and Chris..Diddy, too. Talentless hacks..all of them!

  5. This is great.
    Now every Tween and up wanna be Hip-hopper is going to be ‘pimp-slapping’ his girlfriend knowing she’ll come running back just like Ri-Ri did!
    It will be interesting to watch the domestic violence statistics increase in America because of this. Actually in Texas,Pimp-slapping is legal flks!!!

  6. I don’t want to see Chris Brown in a photo unless he’s in an orange jumpsuit, and that mouf-breathing punk Diddy is right beside him ready to serve time for that little shooting incident a few years back.

  7. Chris needed her to get his career back she NEVER needed him for hers, by going back with him she may have ruined her own, unless all her fans are willing to forgive her stupidity.

  8. This story is disgusting. WHEN will people let these “celebrities” know that they won’t tolerate the behavior? WHEN will people collectively use their purchasing power to send a big message that hitting a woman (or staying with an abusive man) is unacceptable? WHEN will the American public wake up and demand better? I’ll keep waiting and hoping….but I won’t hold my breath.

  9. The suits at the recording studio didn’t need a black eye (no pun intended) during this economy. That’s why they orchestrated the reconciliation.

  10. Her career will skyrocket if she stands up to him, presses all the charges possible, and speaks out against violence against women.

  11. How sad!! For everyone except Chris Brown that is. Look at how greed is allowed to set the example here. Rihanna will have a career with or without Chris Brown, so she should just ditch him anyway. Pathetic that she’d even pretend to be with him. Her career is not in jeopardy, but his sure is!! She looks like an ass for staying with him. Be the “independent” woman and kick that loser to the curb. If she doesn’t – she’ll learn eventually – and look like an imbecile then.

  12. Disgusting. Some things are more important than money. A great many people would quite happily retire on what either Rihanna, or Brown, already has in the bank. And these two amoral dimwits are pulling such stunts – all to keep their revenue streams flowing – at a time when so many have ended up destitute? Well, it is going to backfire, big-time.

  13. 2 non talent loosers. Do we even care? Any idiot that punches a girl is just immature – i don’t care what background they have. No sympathy here.

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