Here’s a dilemma for salespeople in upscale stores. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky popped into the Celine store on Wooster Street in Soho and they were NOT wearing masks. The store requires EVERYONE to be masked, but the famous pair browsed the merchandise oblivious to the rule. Usually the help would offer a free mask to any shopper without one, but no one bothered the celebrity couple. Other customers couldn’t help but notice- would they complain? Was everyone afraid to say something? Somehow Rocky and Rihanna got in and out of the store UNMASKED and nobody said a word.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. It’s because they realize masks don’t do diddly. It says it on the packaging. Also, mask wearers are getting re-infected…so they don’t work. Neither does the “vaccine”. Someday, everyone will understand the reason for this shamdemic, and it’s very dark.

  2. ugh. this story is so gross. good for them! our family masked for a long time, then fully vaccinated as soon as we could get it. sorry to the people who don’t want to get vaccinated, but that’s their decision. not going to continue to cower in fear and permanently letting the government make decisions for me and people giving me side eye because I don’t wear a mask every time I run into a store. when will it end? NEVER. if you want to wear a mask, go for it! if you don’t and you’re not vaccinated don’t go into a store, but I’m not going to suffer when I’ve continuously done my part for almost 2 years now. Yes, I wear a mask on airplanes and I’m getting my booster next week… stop with the shaming! it’s soooo ridiculous. I Live in Austin, vax rates are high, cases are low again, 10% of folks wear their masks anymore. Went to park city for vacation, hardly anyone masking. came home, negative covid tests for all. It’s going to be fine Janet. worry about yourself! if you’ve taken you vaccines why the heck do you care?

  3. Rihanna and ASAP are despicables who don’t care about other people and the store employees are cowards.

  4. @emmy definitely agree with the “over-rated,” nonetheless, they’re “presumably” vaccinated and shouldn’t have to feel guilty about not protecting those that choose to not be vaccinated. we can’t stay in indefinite “mask down” because folks choose not to be vaccinated. yes, some folks can’t and are at risk, but that is the minority and you can’t continue to punish everyone else who’ve done their part for years and years. enough is enough. stop judging everyone! they’re not selfish, you are

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