Rebel Wilson enters Nine Zero One Salon with frizzy hair and comes out with it looking nice and smooth in LA

There’s nothing we love more than BEFORE and AFTER photos – especially when it involves beautification. Rebel Wilson spends a lot of time at the gym and she had a bad case of the frizzies today. She headed straight for the Nine Zero One salon on Melrose Place for a blowdry. (They go for $75 and up.) She walked out with smooth hair and feeling like a million bucks.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News


  1. She may “feel” like a million but doesn’t look like a million!

  2. strom go back to being bucky m. the rest of you all your aliases suck big time and are stupid.

  3. “Spends a lot of time in the gym”…….but does she actually work out when shes’s there.

  4. Poor little Heel Napper, so jealous of Strom and his success he is deluded into thinking Strom is everywhere!

    Don’t fear or be jealous those of us in the 1% Heel Napper, work hard and forget the PC and maybe you can move up the ladder at the Call Center!

  5. its true you have nothing better to do than get on the internet

  6. Poor little Napper, so worries about Strom and his success. Hard work will not hurt you a bit. Ask the Call Center manager how you can get above minimum wage.

    “Rebel”, should spend more time in the gym and results will follow!

  7. The little Heel Napper has become quite full of itself due to its stalking Strom’s posts.

    Grow up and don’t be so jealous of Strom & the 1%.

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