If you happened to be alive in 1992 and watching THE FIRST DOCUMENTED REALITY SHOW – MTV’s Real World, then surely you fondly remember Norman Korpi. He was one of a group of seven twenty-somethings who had never met, but were set up to live together in a loft in New York. Their interactions were filmed for 13 eye-popping weeks and – guess what – they were only paid $100 per episode! In case you missed the series, MTV has resurrected the Real World New York on their new channel called MTV Classic. Back to Norman – he WAS the first person to come out as gay on TV, YEARS before anyone else had the courage. (Elton John still claimed to be straight back then.) Gay pioneer Norman was an artist in the 90’s, but now he’s also an inventor and we LOVE his invention: the A/Stand! It’s something EVERYBODY needs! You can check it out on or Indiegogo.
(Above the real World cast in 1992 – Norman is in front. MTV didn’t take many photos then because they didn’t think the show would be a success. Below, Norman today with the A/Stand.)


  1. The first person to tell things to your children and ruin the life

  2. I’m really sick and tired of the gay agenda being pushed everywhere I look!

  3. He’s become a very handsome man. Gay guys always seem to take good care of themselves unlike the fat slobs str8 become.

  4. Well guess what Kitty. We’re sick and tired of the redneck straight trash agenda people like you push. SO WE’RE EVEN!

  5. Norman was a handsome lad back in the day. Now he’s an even more handsome silver daddy!

  6. Norman is s legend and an inspiration for a generation of gay men. He is and was a pioneer for gay awareness and gay rights. Shame on you for attacking his next creation. I can personally say he saved my life by his example of strength and courage. You see, I grew up in the same conservstive small town in Michigan that Norman did. He was older than me and I only remember his amazing artwork painted in the lobbies/ restaurants in our town. When I was struggling accepting my homosexuality I came across mtv’s the real world and watched a gay guy on tv for the first time. Norman, your example saved my life! Shame on you haters. Norman, please know that you are an inspiration to millions and sign me up for an A/Stand. I have become a successful ssles rep in NYC and I will be happy to buy anything you sell. Congrats on your new invention.

  7. Korpi looks like he could be Jeremy Piven’s slightly less objectionable older brother.

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