Puppeteer Cavalleri

Does Nick Lachey realize he was USED like a puppet, for publicity?
Kristin Cavallari cleverly orchestrated and faked the whole “romance” with Nick Lachay to make herself more famous. (Apparently she got tired of yelling “Don’t you know who I AM?” and having people answer “No.” She’s NOT as sweet as she looks.)
How did she succeed in becoming a household name and permanent fixture on the fashion pages? (And WITHOUT the help of a publicist!) Her boyfriend Brody Jenner , whom she pretended split from, was in on the whole scheme and spilled the beans.
IA buddy of Brody’s ran into him at a bar and was overheard asking. “So what happened between you and Kristin? Brody proceeded to reveal that he and Kristin NEVER split up- they just pretended to. Kristin wanted to boost her career and when she encountered newly single Nick Lachey at an event she exchanged phone numbers. She told Brody she wanted to be photographed with Nick to stir up publicity and to please be understanding. Brody knows she’s an ambitious actress and told her to do what she had to do.
Kristin called Nick and managed to get him to take her out to dinner and she continued calling him and found out where he was going many nights. She’d show up and plop down next to him or walk out beside him , always making sure photographers were snapping. She had friends leak info about the fake romance and the gossip magazines fell for it. Easygoing Nick was amused by the publicized romance and just laughed it off. When Kristin had milked it for all it was worth, she announced she was returning to Brody “to work things out.”

6 thoughts on “Puppeteer Cavalleri

  1. this we know, how could he go from Jessica to that???!!!!!! I mean lets be real!

  2. What do I think? I think you can’t spell “Lachey”…

  3. I absolutely love this site!! Alot better than D*na’s Dirt and Perez!!

  4. LOLOLOL This story is just ridiculous enough to be true. Hollywood is such a high school cesspool of ignorance.

  5. i guess when you’re rich and spoiled you have to find something to do with your time. atleast she isnt heavy into drugs…as far as anyone knows.

  6. Perhaps if Kristin spent more time honing her craft as an actress, she wouldn’t need to stoop to pathetic games of using people more famous than herself to propel her “acting” career. By the start of 2007, people will be like, “Kristin, who?”

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