Priscilla Presley was honored as Woman of the Year by the Nevada Ballet Theater for some reason, and many of her family members showed up for the event. We were particularly interested to see her son Navarone Garibaldi, 24, who is Lisa Marie’s half brother. The last we heard, Navarone had left the church of Scientology to become a hippie and pot dealer in California. (What else can one do with a Scientology “education?”) He seems to be at peace with his family, but we’d love to know what he’s up to now.


  1. I had completely forgotten about him! Way to go Janet! Being hippie sounds a lot better than being a part of that creepy cult. I hope he has the good sense to not ever go back.

  2. i am sure there are MANY peole ‘living off of” Elvis……talk about worth more dead than alive…… Long Live The King!! One of the most Beautiful Men ever born to walk this earth….. E.A.P.

  3. Surprisingly they all look very good!! Priscilla must have laid of the “I want to look like the Joker” surgeries a little bit. Either that or her face finally relaxed a little bit. The son is very handsome, kind of looks like Elvis. Maybe Priscilla had some “Baby Batter” samples of Elvis taken before he passed. LM looks gorgeous, she must be doing something right.

  4. If I remember correctly Navarone’s father is or was quite handsome. Good for him on leaving scientology as his sister did.

  5. Marco Garibaldi is his father and lived with Priscilla a little over 20 years. Marco was 10-11 years younger than Pris. 3 or 4 years ago they split up, no one ever knew why. I read in the Enquirer a year or so ago that Pris went to Navarone’s humble house. He was growing weed and there were drug items lying around; he told his mom he was living his own life and to more or less bug off. She left crying, and was really upset when informed that he had left Scientology.

  6. Very very handsome young man! Lisa looks goo, but hard to really tell as she’s wearing that black thing with no shape. The young man is an adult and about time he as able to use his own brain and make decisions for himself. I hope he has a great relationship with his father. Most likely they do if the parents were together that long. I remember the beginning of the relationship and wondering what Pris saw in him, but you never know, do you? She said Elvis wasn’t giving her any sex, so hell, a big brawny sex machine would make a lot of sense to a still young and healthy, and ignored beautiful female. Elvis had only himself to blame for his marriage failure.

  7. Navarone needs to go get Bella Cruise, whom now is Suri Cruise’s minder and get her out of this lifestyle. Bella Cruise is like a Scientology Cinderella!

  8. Yes, using Elvis money $$$. I suffer, because I am a Elvis fan, and all this people who cheat on his money. I remember Prsicilla said in Prelsey by the Presleys: “I coundn`t cheat on him” (Elvis) Thats all she has done before she even met him (Read the book Child bride) I hardly recommend that book. She is a fraudster

    Sidsel Ferguson

  9. navarone has inherited his mother’s beauty–looks as if he has a lot of potential and i hope he straightens out

  10. Sidsel from Norway- are you kidding me lady?! Yes- I have read that book and for anyone who can sit there and say “poor Elvis because Priscilla cheated on him” are as obvilvious and dissolutioned as Elvis was! She cheated twice during that marriage! Elvis- admittedly had NON STOP affairs and girlfriends from the minute the poor girl landed in Graceland as a senior in High School! He wouldn’t touch her ….period….after lisa was born and treated her like a door mat!!!! Made her have sexual encounters with other teen girls as a teen herself for his bizarre fantasies!!! Good for her for finally saying- Take some of your own medicine!!! She did what anyone else Wouk of done! People that say, “oh well it was Elvis and that is expected” haha right….I don’t think so honey. It’s unreal the world that he thought he actually ran within his circle and claims to have had such a respect for marriage! That’s called dillusional!!

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