We can’t help but laugh at this fuss over so called “new evidence” that Princess Diana was murdered. Alan Power is some guy in England who wrote the book “The Princess Diana Conspiracy” and it’s started the press discussing her 1997 fatal accident all over again. Diana’s boyfriend who died with her was Dodi Fayed and his father Mohammed al Fayed has been desperate to prove that his son had nothing to do with Diana’s death. Dodi, of course, employed the driver who was extremely drunk and driving at twice the speed limit when the accident happened. The new book author claims a British soldier was hired to cause the crash by shining a spotlight in the eyes of Dodi’s driver from the car in front of them, causing the driver to lose control. Silly. Somehow we think Mohammed Fayed is behind this book and maybe paid the writer to try and clear his son’s name. Scotland Yard is not re-opening the case, but “assessing the credibility” of the new claims. (Above, Diana and Dodi in their last elevator ride, leaving the Ritz Hotel that fateful night)


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised of Mohammed Fayed is behind it. He seems hell-bent on “cleansing” the family name at all costs.

  2. I don’t consider Dodi’s name dirty…Henri was off the clock and he went and had dinner and some wine and took some kind of pill (a cold tablet?). Then they needed a trusted driver and he was called back to work. He SHOULD have told Dodi, “hey, I’ve been drinking” but he didn’t. He was speeding to lose the photographers that were stalking them. There was no intent just wrong place at the wrong time. The guilty one is Henri for not speaking up about his condition.

  3. I completely agree with Noble… but… it has always bothered me that Diana was alive for at least 45 minutes, in the car, before an ambulance arrived. What would have happened if, instead, a helicopter had been able to transport her to a hospital right away.. and if Jaws of Life had been available? I believe she would be alive today to see her first grandchild… and perhaps… even happily married to the Muslim doctor she fell so deeply in love with. Such a waste… a life that ended much, much too soon.

  4. All I can say is that Diana was an inconvenient woman and this accident solved a lot of problems for some people.

  5. So true, I cannot stand to even look at that hag Camilla and I find it hard to believe that William and Harry don’t have hard feelings against her as well.

  6. If u search for the person/s who was behind it, seach no more for Lizzy and her son, Charles. Possibly the old hag duke of Mountbatten. Mohammed al Fayed is totally out of question

  7. While Noblecascade is mostly correct; Dianna ‘s injuries although severe, most probably would have been survivable. A large contributory factor, was (1) she wasn’t wearing any safety restraints. (2) It took a full hour to transport her to the hospital, after removing her from the car. The hospital was only 15 miles away.

  8. btw- cause of death was listed as bleeding to death from a small laceration of the liver. This most likely would have been detected with normal chest scans/xrays. The lengthy delay in transporting her made it impossible to attempt to save her. Sad all the way around.

  9. And then there’s Patricia Cornwell who investigated, and said it was a flash bang, and she slyly indicated certain members of the royal family.

  10. The family killed her for dating a muslim.

    “Photographers” chased her but produced no pics?

    Queen elizabeth must have eaten princess diana heart to still be alive.

  11. I have always thought there was more to this story than a simple accident.

    If there was, I highly doubt we will ever know, but, there were too many “oddities” about this accident to just write off the death of the world’s most famous woman (and a woman who the royals considered a loose cannon).

  12. pretty sure that was NOT her last elevator ride, Diana was wearing white pants on evening of her fatal car accident.

  13. Diana rocked the royal boat in too many ways, so something had to be done. I have no idea how the Queen and Charles were involved, but nothing would shock me.

  14. So many ‘witnesses’ ended up suddenly dying….one burnt in a car fire, which later proved to be arson, and many others all mysteriously died. Murdered of course. She was assassinated, there’s no doubt about it when you start looking into the evidence.

  15. Conspiracy theories mean just that…people plot to assassinate other people. I don’t get why the pubic laugh at that. It happens every single day.

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