Michael Jackson’s teenage son Prince is turning out to be quite a playboy. He has one girlfriend after another and knows how to treat them right. Last year he dated Kuwaiti princess Remi Alfalah and his latest girlfriend is Nikita Bess. Prince, 17, shows his dates a good time – he takes them to red carpet events, fancy restaurants, and places like Las Vegas. Nikita has already met Prince’s family and she and Prince are often seen smooching. Prince WAS raised with good manners – he opens doors for his female companions. And every day he looks a little more like Dr Arnie Klein…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. How does he explain that his supposed “father” was accused of child molestation and drug addiction?

  2. Looks like she should lay off the carbs and get a scrip for propofol.

  3. Doc Arnie is his biological dad, for sure. Do these kids go to school or are they “home schooled”?

  4. One thing is certain, their lives are much more normal without Michael than it was with.. wonder why he wouldn’t encourage normal life events for these kids when he was alive, never mind, addict. Enough said. Hope they are enjoying life and getting healthy

  5. looking more like his biological dad/SPERM DONOR than ever.

    ………….AS TRICKY TOO?

  6. Wow. He looks just like Michael. HA! Just kidding.

  7. Janet, is it true that sperm that created Prince was sucked out of Michael’s rectum after Arnie buggered him?

  8. hey Carlos, I assume from your comment you likely have no wife, children nor friends. Rather pathetic Carlos, creepy, are you Strom ? as he’s pre-occupied with fluids too.

  9. No,Janet he doesn’t looks like Dr.Arnie Klein.I am not saying that he looks like M.Jackson,but he doesn’t look like doc.ether.

  10. Michael was obsessed with physical beauty; hence, his constant plastic surgery. Why would he choose someone as unattractive as Arnie Klein to donate half of his kids DNA? Just sayin’.

  11. Prince certainly doesn’t seem to have Michael’s bone structure.

  12. Is that deordorant under his right arm or does he have vitiligo too? Hmmmmm…

  13. Where did they find those getups? Dumpster diving? Ugh.

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