Prince has become smitten with the talents of American Ballet Theater’s rare black soloist Misty Copeland and he wants her to perform with him as often as possible. It all started last year when he selected the exquisite ballerina to dance in his “Crimson and Clover” video (above.) She did, and now he’s coaxed her into performing live with him at concerts at Madison Square Garden and other east coast venues. Misty, 28, is flattered, but does she know this is how Prince, 52, recruits girlfriends? Usually he promotes his girlfriends careers, but Misty doesn’t need any help – she’s extremely successful. Prince’s present girlfriend and protege, Bria Valente (AKA Brenda Fuentes) should consider herself warned. (Personally, we find the video too psychedelic and it doesn’t do Misty justice.)


  1. I don’t get it. It’s an issue for Prince to recruit his women through the work, but for Hugh Hefner, ‘So what?’. Some serious double standard crap Janet…

  2. Read about Misty and you will see that she is looney as she is a talented dancer. Just right for Prince’s bedroom!

  3. Hopefully she is a black woman who will be a role model and can keep a man.

  4. What will he say when he realizes that she has to take class 5 hours (minimum) a day to keep it up?

  5. What will she say when she realizes he will change her name to something completely ridiculous (i.e., Appollonia)?

  6. Good tune, he’s channeling his inner Jimi. Not as good as Joan’s version though.
    Have a ballerina in the family and they work VERY hard to maintain THAT level of inner thigh. He’s such a tiny little fucker, she’ll kill him.

  7. Prince is a tenacious little guy. His list of talents is veerrry loooonng.

  8. Aw ‘cummon now ! There’s no such thing as TOO PSYCHEDELIC !!!! Rock on & see you in da pit !!!

  9. Now me & Janet are back on the same page! This Misty chick & any other person for that matter need to steer clear of Prince. He’s not good ppl, & where’s the success of his recent proteges? There aren’t any. Prince does ppl dirty, just ask Nona Gaye, Marvin Gaye’s daughter about that & he’s been divorced twice so obviously no 1 wants to be w/his lil a$$. Just look in the comments sections on articles about him, the 1’s where his fanatics aren’t at & you’ll get the real deal on him. Ppl who used to work for & w/him have had bad experiences & aren’t being quiet about it. Btw, they say the lii turd has ppl monitoring what is said about him on the internet. Are you scared? I’m not, him & the rest of his lame, lying, fake, nonoriginal-stealing-from-others, poser crew bring it on!

  10. Prince never confirmed a relationship w/ Bria other than a working one. He said he was “single, sexy & celibate” during an interview while Ms Bria was supposedly his “girlfriend”. When she followed him back to Minnesota from LA, a press release advised single bachlors of her current whereabouts. As for Misty, he is indeed enamored with her talent, work ethic, and passion to her art. He is not out humping every woman that works with him despite all the rumors.

  11. Its amazing how certain people will overlook the wicked like what Hef is/has done consistently over the years but jump on the bandwagon to create much ado about nothing when it comes to others.

    Keep exposing your hatred for what it is — intelligent people will see, learn and reject your thoughts.

  12. Why is Prince the good guy and the girls get ragged on? Prince does his women dirty and I feel bad for Bria and any other women that fall for him. He can’t be faithful to save his ass! Why is that behaviour Priased Janet Charlton? It’s sick how people are. When do folks stand up for whats right. Damm

  13. Casonia Sade Logenberry Hells kitchen will never let me on the show...Even though I can feed 50 people by myself? says:

    She is so Cute and Little and small and small boned and has an amazing perfact shape and she has pretty face and lovely legs and Beautiful Eyes and Beautiful Hair and She was made for you and she moves like song in motion..Full of Flowers that are as sweet as Rose that are white as the Snow.

  14. Casonia Sade Logenberry Hells kitchen will never let me on the show...Even though I can feed 50 people by myself? says:

    I want Price to be Happy and share his life with some one and have some one to love and marry and start a family with one of this days but it is there life and as long as they are happy together and making each other smile and there is some body for every one and mix and match and move and groove and what ever happens down the road.

  15. Casonia Sade Logenberry Hells kitchen will never let me on the show...Even though I can feed 50 people by myself? says:

    Dear Prince…I do wish you well and your style of music is like no other in this world…I feel like it is mild and hard and some times a little dirty and I like the move and the groove and the push of your music.. I still have your collection and love the Bat Man sound tracks the most…But I like everything you have done. But some time I put stuff away for a moment…

  16. Casonia...Tennile from Hells kitchen got her ass kicked off, Because she could not handle the fish station and she was drunk during service and she called chef ramsay a British Bastard..You curse the chef your ass is grass and he is going to kick you in t says:

    I LIKE ALL YOUR MOVIE MUSIC SONGS THAT ARE SANG/ LOVE THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP AND SOME ONE TO SPEND TIME WITH AND WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE CHILDREN? Is that ever going to happen? You can have a some one carry the baby for you…Just like Micheal Jackson did to have his family and Ricky martin did the same and know you can do it and have a family to create and not be alone any more and your music and style is like no other and…TO pass those genes to another would be great.

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