Pretty Boy: Creepy

This pretty boy TV actor has been the subject of much speculation about his sexual orientation. He SEEMS straight but he has some idiosyncrasies. Since he IS successful, he often has starving young actor friends staying with him. He lets them know that if they bring a date home, that he likes to WATCH. He doesn’t want to join in the fun, he is simply a voyeur. At first, his house guests find it amusing or sexy, but after awhile it gets creepy and they inevitably move out.

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48 thoughts on “Pretty Boy: Creepy

  1. john stamos isn’t ‘young’ anymore….I’d guess wentworth too.

  2. So are the starving actor types only men? Or only gay men? We wanna know Janet!

  3. George Cloony….pretty boy looking…more successful at TV (in my opinion)
    IS successful….hmmmmm
    i don’t watch enough tv

  4. Winning an Oscar and starring in hit films like a Perfect Storm and Oceans 11 & 12 would classify Clooney as a success in films.

  5. a bunch of the handymen on the abc show whatchamacalit….the one where they build mansions for people with dramatic sad stories.

  6. it doesnt say that the successful actor guy in question is young, it says that young starving actors stay with him…
    it also doesnt say that he is necessarily gay, but that he is a creepy voyeur that likes to watch others doing it.

  7. charlie sheen and john stamos and ashton kutcher and bruce willis and pee wee herman

  8. it has to be wentworth.
    he is pushing 40, but yet he still looks 20 aka “pretty boy.”
    and if his sexual orientation is not scrutenized and questioned, I don’t know whose is!!

  9. what show is wentworth miller on? i dont think i even know who that is.

  10. oh wait, the blind item says that the guys sexual orientation is often questioned. hell, beginning in the 90s, wasnt everyone bisexual? lol

  11. Tom Selleck’s orientation is far from questionable. He’s the biggest fruit in Hollywood!!
    And a has-been to boot!!

  12. george eads he had is young co worker from csi live with him for a while

  13. Wentworth is not pushing 40, he’s 34! I say it’s Jesse Metcalf…

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