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It’s Girls Night Out at the Pioneers of Television event in New York for strong females Angie Dickinson, Nichelle Nichols, Stefanie Powers, and Linda Evans. The actors are being recognized for their popular TV series: Angie on “Police Woman,” Nichelle on “Star Trek,” Stefanie on “Hart to Hart,” and Linda on “The Big Valley.” The only distraction is Linda’s lips.


  1. Who are these geriatric thespians? How about some ‘modern’ scoops?

  2. loved that scene in the sopranos where it shows Uncle Junior in a fantasy sequence…. a newspaper with a pix of Angie Dickinson beside him announcing their wedding!.
    All these women are great!

  3. Did Nichelle ever come clean about her affair during Star Trek with Gene Roddenberry which caused a huge amount of friction among the cast? She was known as the Nubian Hottie for all those years and was said to have serviced Gene until his death. Now I think she is on physic lines and other assorted scams that keep her in a supply of ghetto hoops as pictured here.

  4. They look terrific. And strom, aside from your usual racist comments about Nichelle Nichols, I believe that she wrote an autobiography in which she did admit to an affair with Gene Roddenberry.

  5. How nice. These woman were a big part of my childhood. Angie Dickinson was and still is so beautiful. All of the ladies are gorgeous. Good to see them all together.

  6. To put her in the same class as these others also is a bit of a stretch….weren’t most of her lines like “Yes Captain” or answering “Kirk to Enterprise”?

  7. Yeow. Nichelle and Stephanie look great, Angie not so much and Linda really messed up her face. You can always pick out the ones who went crazy with the surgery.

  8. Linda was a real babe and Angie was probably the only one there who screwed Sinatra.

  9. It’s funny how they are all focusing on different points in the room.

    strom: what kept your head from exploding while watching “Star Trek” and actually having to see a black female on screen as an equal, let alone if you knew then what you know now…that she was getting teleported regularly by Roddenberry?

    How your pustule of a “mind” must be regurgitating over the visual of her sleek black body laid out before him naked and trembling as he joins his white skin against her lushness. I can just see it, can you?
    Is your head spinning around yet?

    Perhaps someone could do us all a favor and enter the room with a pin and pop you like a balloon since you seem so full of some kind of poisonous gaseous matter.

  10. Some posters seem to believe this site is about them.

    The others were major stars at a time. Nichelle just operated the radio and serviced the producer!

  11. Of all the nips and tucks done on these ladies, Linda Evans’ one is by far the worst. She was on Oprah 5 or 6 weeks ago and she looked mutilated. Plus, another strike against Linda is she is still into J.Z. Knight and Ramtha, which will take her down, if you get my drift. down.

    Look it up: J Z Knight/Ramtha. Very bad, a rival w/ Scientology in the realm of cults.

  12. these are the horny lesbians of today.

  13. Indy: no one is going to look it up. No one is obsessed about religions and afterlife crap as you are. What a shame you have wasted your time here (on earth) being bible crazy.

  14. It isn’t religion, it’s channeling a dead person who some listenees think wise.Some Christians do it, “Jesus told me so.”

  15. All the men loved Angie Dickenson when I was a kid — I didn’t get it, I thought her hair always looked like a rats nest. Then there’s Stephanie Powers, who I still won’t forgive for marrying Natalie Wood’s widow — but she’s a good egg, I think.

  16. Linda Evans looks the best? you have got to be kidding? those lips are totally distorted and she herself admitted on Oprah recently that the plastic surgeon wrecked her face.

  17. Jill St. John married Robert Wagner…Natalie’s widower….not Stephanie Powers.

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  20. casonia..Love Hells kitchen.. Because it is hard on you and you have to show the world what your about and what you have to offer! Cias,stress,drama, is all there to listen and hear what is going on! says:

    Thank you for being the role models of the future and you have so much to be proud of and take care and bless all of you.

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