Can you imagine Dynasty star Joan Collins eating Ikea’s Swedish meatballs? When she posted this photo on Instagram, Joan confessed that she had been scolded by a security guard when when was reading the menu at an Ikea restaurant in France. She was wearing a plastic face shield instead of a mask and was told that a mask was essential. She was obviously miffed, but pulled on a mask under the shield. We are totally amused at the idea of Joan Collins eating in the discount cafeteria at Ikea! Currently, the still playful Joan (who is now an unbelievable 87) is stylishly isolating with her 55 year old husband Percy in St Tropez.

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  1. People in Africa aren’t being bullied to wear masks. why are only western nations doing this? This mask thing is just to humiliate. a piece of cloth wouldn’t even stop the common cold. Ask any doctor. It’s bullcrap.

  2. Stupid Sheep, you really are stupid and dangerous. Masks and social distancing works. The medical community, including infectious disease experts , warn if we don’t do this as a country, we will not get this deadly, dreadful virus under control and will not get our economy back. You just have to look other countries who do. We have under 5% of the world’s population and over 25% of the world’s deaths!!! We cannot travel to the EU, Bahamas or Canada because we are not wearing masks and social distancing. Well, perhaps you can talk to Herman Cain. You know the CEO who rant for President and who was against wearing masks. He went to Tulsa, Trump’s super spreader. Ask him how well that went. Oh, that’s right. you can’t . He died from the virus within 8 weeks of attending. He followed your advice.

  3. that’s a lie Lipp. a cough or sneeze travels 25ft. social distancing says stay 6ft away which means it’s pointless. why are thousands of rioters congregating in the street with no social distancing or masks yet somehow there is no spike. apparently spikes only happen when law abiding people do normal things like have a barbecue. Covid somehow totally avoids rioters. Use your brain.

    covid’s death rate is only 0.02% and 99% of those deaths were among people over 80 with numerous health problems. Stop buying into hysteria.

  4. If you didn’t know there is a pandemic.
    You wouldn’t know there is a pandemic.
    Just another busy flu season.
    But for those of you who are concerned.
    Some people shouldn’t eat too many meatballs. You know who you are.

  5. I’m sure an 87 year old woman is tempting fate by eating out. What rubbish

  6. “If you didn’t know there is a pandemic”. U mean plandemic or scamdemic, rite?

  7. Fake, fake, fake as noted above is right. He or she is fake. After the South Dakota motorcycle fiasso, last Thursday there was the largest spike in cases in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minn. and Iowa. People on this gossip site passing dangerous and potentially deadly information are complicit in the spread of this disease that is crippling our economy. Instead of listening to experts in infectious control and objectively researching what is going on in the rest of world, ignorant people are making up their own reality. Normally, I’m OK with stupid being stupid. But the ignoramuses that post here are affecting the health of all of us and the well being of our nation. They are the reason we have the highest infection rate and death rate than most wealthy nations. They are reasons we are not doing economically as well as other nations. And they are the reason this will continue until they are forced to comply with simple, effective measure to help us all.

  8. No masks in India and Africa.
    And less deaths than in America.
    Explain this?
    Are people dying of pre co-morbidities with covid in the USA or is Covid killing them despite their age, hypertension, diabetes and lack of immunity due to poor health?
    The numbers are being skewed in the USA. It pays.

  9. Patrick is making things up. If he took the time to objectively check out what is going on he would know covid cases are surging in India and Africa, according to The Independent. As well, cases are under reported as these countries have not been effectively testing and reporting. So that means the surge in under reported. The real problem are people like Patrick who for some warped reason want to so much deny science and a devastating pandemic for what? Are the Trumpsters who don’t want to acknowledge the Cheater in Chief has lied to them? The health and well being of this country is so unimportant to them because they want to believe Trump is not the failed business man and over the hill reality star he is? These people are bizarre but are becoming a threat to America’s standing in the world and to the American People.

  10. Only four more years of Trump.
    Then eight of President Pence.
    Best let the adults be in charge.

  11. Patrick you are not dealing with a full deck. Just like a true Trumpster. No facts, just lies.

  12. Ikea’s Swedish meatballs in Europe are made from horse meat. Giddyup!

  13. Skyscreamer. Some people might catch something. Get used to it.

  14. Pay attn. Lipps.
    CDC has revised the number of deaths directly attributed to CO-19 to actually only 6% of the 187,000 plus’s deaths in the U.S. You won’t see this on your MSM. That means actual deaths in the U. S. directly attributed to CO-19 are under 12,000. Ka Pow!! The truth!!!!

  15. Go to the CDC’s site.
    Table 2. Comorbitities.
    6% of deaths directly attributed to CO-19. They also say 28% of people are immune.
    Everyone can chill.

  16. Patrick is spreading disinformation and its dangerous. The truth is the CDC reports “COVID is now the No. 3 cause of death in the US— ahead of accidents, injuries, lung disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and many, many other causes” CDC Director Thomas Frieden 8/18/20

    Don’t listen to Patrick. He is a cultist Trumpster. Listen to the young lady whose testimonial during the DNC convention sadly said her father believed Trump and just died of COVID. A lifelong Republican who, like Patrick, cannot bring themselves to question their leader.

  17. Joan is well known as the white celebrity who has had more men in her bed than any other. But her number pales to that of Diana Ross who is said to have had more than ANY woman celebrity.

  18. It was just announced today that 90% of people infected with covid don’t have enough of the virus in them to spread it. and as the other person said 94% of the so-called covid deaths were bs, they died of OTHER THINGS. the politicians had them label every death as “covid related” so they had an excuse to crash the economy that was doing great before this shitstorm. incumbents ALWAYS win when the economy is good so they had to destroy it. Nice to know our politicians are looking out for the folks!

  19. Stop Wearing A Mask. You lie. Cite your source. Not a far out right wing biased alternate reality, but a real source. Shame on you.

  20. Source.
    Center for Disease Control.
    Section. Table 2. Comorbidities.
    Is the CDC a reliable source for you, Lipps?

  21. thank you Patrick!

    and Lipp you need to stop letting politics trump your common sense. you have to absorb the TRUTH.

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